In 2010, Marek and the other founders of MADFINGER Games decided to leave the biggest game studio in the Czech Republic and start their own company. Seeing a bright future in mobile gaming, they took their years of experience working on AAA titles with the intent to bring the same level of quality to smaller screens. Now, after many successful games and tons of awards, MADFINGER is making the next big step and designing their newest game for PC.

What he finds great about the team is that it’s full of open-minded, creative, and passionate people that he loves interacting with. You wouldn’t find him in his office, but instead sitting and working with the coders and designers, so they can easily communicate and create great games together.

For Silvie, the biggest responsibility and mission is to serve the team and assure that everything goes smoothly. Planning the workflow, removing any roadblocks, coordinating all the teams and communicating with everybody, she saw MADFINGER as a trendsetter full of talented and intelligent people and, since joining the studio one year ago, she claims her already-high expectations were totally exceeded.

Spending most of her time running all around the studio and making sure that everyone is happy and heard, she values leadership, good communication, and the eagerness to learn and grow. What she cherishes the most are the people who she sees not just as colleagues but as a true family.

Ish has been working as an animator in MADFINGER for a little over two years now, and, over that time, he bonded with the rest of the team, mostly through food, beer and, of course, video games. He’s passionate about creating fun games by trying to unite all of the team’s ideas and making new connections while doing so.

The main tool of his work is MotionBuilder for creating keyframe animation, and he prefers to work at the studio, which he describes as showing him a new life after some rougher times. As an animator, he focuses on the visual aspects of life, especially body language, frequently using all that he observes in his work.

Being an industry veteran for more than eight years, Luisa joined MADFINGER two years ago, after moving to Brno, because it was exactly what she was looking for - small, talented, and with big ambitions. As a team leader, she values clear communication and calm, methodical, efficient work. She’s glad that her colleagues quickly became her friends and that they share the same passion and help each other in and out of work.

Since her job is very dynamic, there is no set routine for each day. Adapting to each case and constantly testing and retesting everything is crucial, but she loves that it never becomes stale, and everyone is always aiming high and constantly learning and improving themselves.

Before joining MADFINGER, Vladimir was impressed by one of their previous games, and so when looking for a new job, he decided to promptly apply. Working remotely at first, but eventually moving to Brno. He works as an AI engineer and likes games that are competitive and fair to all the players, designing the AI to be just like that. This fairness is also one of the things that he believes MADFINGER is all about.

Working right now as a part of a nine-person team, Vladimir mostly values the hunger for knowledge, curiosity, and responsibility of his colleagues.


About company

MADFINGER Games is an independent game studio behind award-winning mobile titles such as Dead Trigger 2, Unkilled and Shadowgun Legends, which are enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players all around the world. Founded in 2010, MADFINGER Games has always strived to bring AAA console-like quality and depth to mobile platforms. Now we have made the next big step and decided to move from mobile gaming to PC, allowing us to create our biggest and most ambitious projects yet. Adamant to stay true to our indie roots, our founders and leaders are all designers, programmers and artists that are working with us, and every member of our studio is more than welcome to share their ideas and use their creativity and talent to the fullest. We offer an international and friendly environment full of young people passionate about gaming. Join us, and let’s make great games together!

What they are looking for

We’re mostly looking for people with experience in the game industry who want their ideas and voice to count for something, be they artists, programmers or producers. Since we are making multiplayer games, we expect the same amount of teamwork that’s needed to win to be present here at the studio as well. If you are proactive, passionate about your work and not afraid of responsibility, working at MADFINGER Games won’t be just a fun and rewarding job, but a career.

Good to know

We’re a fun-loving bunch that doesn’t take anything too seriously. There almost isn’t a week where we wouldn’t go grab a drink after work, play some games, sing karaoke or do other fun stuff. However, we are always ready to work hard when needed.

Other things that might pique your interest are:

  • 3 months of sabbatical after 7 years

  • Company breakfasts and snacks

  • On-site gym and massages

  • Team-buildings and parties

  • And all the premium coffee you can drink!

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