Lunabee Studio

Quentin is Lunabee Studio’s lead developer on Android, and an amazing ultra trailer too.

EPITA’s alumni, Quentin takes up all challenges to stay current on Android and all technologies used by our Apps.

After having designed the interface and UX of oneSafe, Olivier is now in charge of designing all the other Apps we create for our customers. Mastering Sketch (but also Android Studio when time permits), Olivier is the “product” cornerstone at Lunabee Studio.

Before founding Lunabee Studio, Olivier spent 7 years in Singapore in the banking software industry.

In addition to manage Lunabee Studio, Tom is in charge of the communication and marketing, and also of finding new projects stimulating the team.

He also manages the relationship with our partners, such as Apple, Google, Station F, Kima Ventures or The Family.

In a past life, Tom spent several years between Boston and New-York, working for Amadeus R&D, with largest hotel chains in the world.

Quentin is iOS developer at Lunabee Studio and leads some of our flagship Apps!

His passion for extreme sports (in the Alps in particular) makes Quentin a dynamic and unmissable team member.

Nico is our iOS lead at Lunabee Studio, and icing on the cake, he also has backend skills.

With his love of Swift and his reverence of everything created by Lego, Nicolas is one of Lunabee’s seasoned Jedi Master with no doubt.

Martin has the conductor’s baton at Lunabee Studio in terms of projects.

He’s also our pun master, always managed with the best mood possible (even when the quality is not there :) ...).

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“We do APPS in the ALPS” is their tagline. Their passion: create the best Mobile Apps, with an awesome UX on iOS and Android (obviously leveraging native technologies - what else?). And all of that in a great environment, in the middle of the Alps and in Lyon (France).

Initially, Lunabee was an App publisher with Apps like oneSafe for instance, a password manager with more than 2.5 million users worldwide. oneSafe, it’s their big hit, with multiple “featurings” on the Stores, and the launch of a new version that has been in the Top 25 of the Paid Apps in the US!

And since 2014, Lunabee has launched its Studio to create awesome Apps for other companies too. They have packaged their expertise and experience to create Apps for companies like GoPro, iBanFirst, Zenly-Snap, the French Republic or Whoomies (and many other confidential projects), with a top notch UX, and a robust and efficient technical layer.

This team literally loves Apps, and travels in May/June to attend the Google I/O and Apple WWDC in California, and many other tech conferences worldwide. Our objective is to be at the edge of mobile technologies, Mobile Apps, but also AI, chatbots, smartwatches… in order to embed in our Apps the best innovative solutions!

What they are looking for

Lunabee Studio is looking for mobile development enthusiasts, curious, autonomous but with a strong team spirit, and with a real empathy towards the users of their (future) Apps.

In addition to the lakes and mountains at hand, this is the mix that allows you to blossom at Lunabee Studio.

Good to know

Every month, one of the team members organizes a hot date for the rest of the team. On the menu these last few months: wake board, sled dog, hiking, go-karting...

They have as well a yearly 1-week offsite event, spending time in the mountains, or close to the beach, we have a mix of work and activities (like surfing 🏄🏻‍♂️, biking, canyoning...).

And if you like to run, they have trailers that leave in the mountains every noon or so... for the less courageous, there are also crazy dart games every day.

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