Gilles is CEO and co-founder of Livestorm, where he shapes the future of end-to-end video engagement. As a first-time entrepreneur, Gilles co-founded Livestorm in 2016 along with Robin, Tom, and Vincent The company quickly gained traction in Europe and North America and has nowadays over one million participants each month on its platform. In 2020, Gilles raised $30M in series B to accelerate Livestorm’s presence in Europe and the US, as well as to scale its go to market strategies towards mid-market and Enterprise. Gilles is an active member of the tech scene and a frequent speaker on startups, growth, and remote company culture. Prior to Livestorm, Gilles worked as a Product Designer at Totems (an Instagram Engagement platform acquired by Stripe in 2014) and as a Growth Hacker at Mention.

Elif joined Livestorm in 2017 as the first customer support Stormie. Before joining Livestorm, Elif started her career in France at Wisembly to provide customer and marketing support. In four years, she created and developed the entire Customer Care team, and implemented all the processes her team uses today.

Marie joined Livestorm as Head of Marketing in 2020. Her team aims to develop Livestorm's content and lead generation strategy, as well as grow its visibility in Europe and North America. Before joining Livestorm, Marie started her career in content marketing at trivago, and joined HubSpot in 2016, where she built the marketing strategy for the French market.

Sam joined Livestorm as an Account Executive in 2019. He is the second person to join the Sales team, whose mission is to develop the sales performance of Livestorm in Europe and North America. Before joining Livestorm, Sam acquired a strong commercial expertise in many industries including telecommunications, digital, and cybersecurity. His experience enables him to contribute to the growth of the Sales team in an international market.

Tom started development very early, and went through low level languages (C, C++), then object oriented programming (C#, Android...), before specializing on the back-end with Ruby and infrastructure with AWS. Today, Tom dedicates his time to the vision and evolution of the technical department at Livestorm, but also the global vision of the company as a founder.

Thibaut joined Livestorm in 2017 as Growth Engineer and is now Head of Growth. Before joining Livestorm, Thibaut made his first steps in acquisition at TOTEMS, a marketing suite for Instagram. He has also worked for Wisembly as Marketing Manager, and then at Ironhack to perfect his technical skills. During his first four years at Livestorm, Thibaut was in charge of Marketing and Growth. Today, he dedicates himself to developing the Growth team and its processes.

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Livestorm is an all-in-one video communication platform, accessible directly from the browser, that lets you organize, host and analyze your meetings, webinars or online events.

Livestorm supports all of the workflows surrounding video, including landing pages, registration, email follow-ups, and sharing video recordings. Our seamless integration with tools like Pipedrive and Intercom helps you to manage all insights in one place.

Founded in 2016, Livestorm is reinventing how organizations communicate with each other and their audiences.

What they are looking for

Livestorm is looking for profiles that come from all walks of life, who are motivated and want to join a booming scaleup.

Curiosity, proactivity, and rigor of execution are among the most sought-after qualities. English is also imperative for marketing and business profiles.

Good to know

If you are a restaurant addict, you have your place among us. They love discovering the world through our stomachs! Moreover, thanks to remote work, Stomies are present in several continents: in France, where they have their headquarters, but also in the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

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