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Livestorm is an all-in-one video communication platform, accessible directly from the browser, that lets you organize, host and analyze your meetings, webinars or online events.

Livestorm supports all of the workflows surrounding video, including landing pages, registration, email follow-ups, and sharing video recordings. Our seamless integration with tools like Pipedrive and Intercom helps you to manage all insights in one place.

Founded in 2016, Livestorm is reinventing how organizations communicate with each other and their audiences.

What they are looking for

Livestorm is looking for profiles that come from all walks of life, who are motivated and want to join a booming scaleup.

Curiosity, proactivity, and rigor of execution are among the most sought-after qualities. English is also imperative for marketing and business profiles.

Good to know

If you are a restaurant addict, you have your place among us. They love discovering the world through our stomachs! Moreover, thanks to remote work, Stomies are present in several continents: in France, where they have their headquarters, but also in the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

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