Past and future

Their story

Their story

Heetch started back in 2013 on the parking lots of Parisian nightclubs, where founders Teddy and Mathieu would showcase their nocturnal ride-sharing service to young customers who’d missed the last train. One court case* and two fundraisings later, our professional 24/24 ride-hailing app covers more than nine countries and is growing very fast, particularly in French-speaking Africa.

We aim to create healthy and culturally relevant markets wherever we go, which implies guaranteeing a fair income to drivers and affordable prices to passengers… while taking care of our employees. This indisputable challenge unites the teams and keeps us going everyday!

*Google it, it’s an epic story!


Heetch, the only driver-friendly app in France


Raised, profitability is next!


Heetch stopped for a few weeks


Country openings planned in 2022


Employees in 2022

Their vision

Making mobility accessible to all is far from easy, but it’s been our motto since the very beginning. We face many challenges: payment by cash, pricing that matches both the drivers’ and the passengers’ expectations… our app is constantly evolving to match our users’ needs.

In our opinion, no-one should be left behind: for many, Heetch represents a true alternative to the lack of public transportation (remote parisian suburbs, rapidly urbanizing African cities…)

Wherever we go, the same vision applies: our users choose us for our prices, then love us for our ethics!

Their vision

Company values

We are convinced that it’s possible to fulfill your ambition while working in a healthy and caring environment and that’s why we make sure to help you balance your professional and personal lives. We encourage our employees to manage their time in the way that works best for them: we offer flexible hours as well as complete freedom regarding remote working (PS: we were always like this, even before 2020).

What does it mean? You tell us! For some, it could be the way they organize their day. For others, it could mean being off every other Friday. Transparency is key, from our app’s algorithms to our revenues. Every voice is welcome: to us, one open dialogue is worth a thousand polite speeches.


DOs: Respect others and their opinion, no matter who they are. Always assume good intentions, especially in written communication.

DON’Ts: Saying ‘yes’ to everything, being ‘too nice’. Gossiping.


DOs: Be efficient, driven and autonomous rather than spotless. Make decisions, admit when you’re wrong and move on. Being focused and trustworthy.

DON’Ts: make it happen at all cost. ‘Bulldozer’ through your days.


DOs: Put the company’s interests first, not your own. Speak up when necessary, regardless of your self-interest. Think of the future and document what you do.

DON’Ts: Sacrifice your personal goals and well-being. Protect your team at all costs against the ‘greater good’.


DOs: Invent solutions for the unsolvable. Be yourself! Seek knowledge and new experiences.

DON’Ts: Staying in your own world or overthinking simple things. Creating conflicts, being overly critical.

Commitments and CSR

No need to pretend we’re perfect (no business is), we’d rather be 100% honest.

Like many tech companies, our gender equality index is no bragging material - but we’re working on it. Our strategy? An internal guide of conduct paired to regular trainings to fight cognitive biases.

Any and every one of our employees is free to participate in the social action of their choice during working hours. A good way to transform ‘what if’ into ‘let’s go’!

We’re proud to help make mobility more accessible wherever we go.

Time… is money!

Our employees have: donated blood, organized collections (tampons and pads, toys), given free training, helped long terme unemployed persons find a job… All during working hours!

We uphold and believe in flexible working: it most certainly does boost productivity (and, as a matter of fact, karma).

When I had the opportunity to give some of my time in favor of a social action, I didn’t think twice. I have to admit that, originally, I didn’t even worry about doing it during working hours or not, because I knew it wouldn’t be an issue. Any opportunity to give back is beneficial to me personally and it has a positive impact on… my work.

Lucie Béghin, People team