Marketplace expert for #POLAND

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    Marketplace expert for #POLAND

    • Freelance 
    • Možnost pracovat plně z domova

    Tato pozice byla obsazena!


    V EXPANDO pomáhají českým eshopům s expanzí do celého světa. Spolupracují s předními hráči ecommerce typu Amazon, eMag, eBay, Kaufland.de nebo Shoptet či Mall v ČR. Díky tomu dokáží rychle otevřít nové trhy v Německu, Rumunsku ale třeba i USA. K tomu si vyvíjí vlastní software, který automaticky produkty překládá, listuje i prodává. Díky tomu dokážou zvýšit eshopům obraty již za několik týdnů.
    Na trhu působí už od roku 2003. Začínali jako malá firma s ehopy - nyní jsou schopni klientům poskytnout expanzi na západní trhy (přes Amazon) i na východní trhy skrz lokalizované eshopové řešení. Tyto dvě služby pokrývají dva zhruba deseti členné týmy se sídly v Praze a Třinci.

    Job description

    EXPANDO is a Czech-based agency focused on marketplace expansionfor online sellers. We have our own expansion app and currently help more than 350 retailers to generate €50 mil. a year from EU markets, but also from the US or Turkey. Right now, we want to offer our skill set to Polish online sellers.

    What is our vision?

    To become a leader in cross-border automation in global e-commerce.

    Now is the perfect time for us to find a talented bilingual colleague from Poland who would join our Experts team and give their best to our Polish clients. The team we already have in place is looking for a fellow expert who will focus all their attention on one new country only.

    As far as e-commerce in the region of CEE goes, our proposition is truly unique – we heavily invest in our software solution, in the expertise of our team and in relations with marketplaces. During the last 3 years we have developed an exceptional partnership with Amazon. We work directly with their account managers, are members of the Amazon SPN network and regularly host workshops. Locally we have excellent relations with Alza, eMag, Kaufland or Mall.cz.

    What drives us?

    ⚓️ Communication, innovation and the exciting flow of e-commerce.

    ⚓️ Positive results and the chance to earn good money in the wake of our clients’ growth.

    ⚓️ We like to go all-in for our clients and impress them with new opportunities.

    ⚓️ We keep things light – you’ll never know boredom at the office or during all-hands meetings once a month.

    Some figures that might spark your interest:

    • We brought €50 mil. to our clients in 2020
    • Our biggest client earned €1,2 mil. in a single month
    • At least 3 clients had a minimum revenue of€1 mil. in 2020
    • Our client base grew from 100 to 350 in 2020

    Preferred experience

    Your role as an Expert:

    • Once we sign your first client, you look after them and get 10% from what client pays us
    • You work in tandem with our Prague expert (yes, 2 people always tend to one client)

    Your agenda as our Marketplace Expert for Poland:

    • Get new clients with the help of our Sales
    • Manage your client accounts
    • Help clients sell on new marketplaces (Amazon etc.)
    • List products, connect feeds, translate content and help with other supporting activities
    • Advise, draft and evaluate results and strategies
    • Study and learn continuously

    What is your profile, ideally?

    • A Polish native with experience in e-commerce
    • A good project manager with a sense of responsibility
    • A fast and eager learner
    • Communication and sales talents
    • Fluency in English, preferably also Czech

    What do we offer in return?

    • E-commerce and marketplace know-how
    • A steep learning curve
    • Motivating salary linked to results (see below)
    • A team of skilled colleagues
    • Office workspace and/or remote work possible
    • A dedicated supervisor, who will always be there to help

    How much can you earn?

    Each member of the Experts team works under the same transparent system of rewards – a fixed salary plus 10% of all the revenue their clients get. Somebody might see this as a gamble. Our Experts, however, find this kind of ownership and accountability extremely motivating.

    Future prospects

    If Poland proves to be the right country for our growth, we can establish a subsidiary company there with a team of Experts that you could lead. The country manager will be motivated with a share in EXPANDO global and EXPANDO local as well.

    Meet the team

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