Past and future

Their story

Their story

March 2008, Yvan sends a call-out on the alumni newsletters of French business schools, looking for a travel and entrepreneurship lover. Eric responds, the adventure begins! In June 2009, the first sales are celebrated with Champagne. The first round of fundraising takes place in February 2011, helping the team to expand internationally. In 2019, Evaneos passes the 500,000 travelers mark, with 22 nationalities in-house. The 2020 global health crisis hits the industry hard, leading to a Job-Saving Plan in November. One year later, the first “Evaneos Days” are held. Having 25% of full remote workers, these two days per month gathering all Evaneossians at la Voyagerie are really key!


The adventure begins


The 100,000 travelers milestone is reached

2016 & 2019

Great Place To Work Awards


Evaneos raises €70M


B Corp certification


10th-anniversary celebration in Morocco

Company values

Evaneos values have been deeply part of their DNA since the beginning and embodied by all Evaneossians for 13 years. They have lived through the scale and through the months of crisis. After these ups and downs, Evaneossians are clear on their strengths and the biases that lie behind each one. Looking with humility at these risks and enthusiasm at these strengths allows them to be bolder and more powerful for today and tomorrow.


Kindness without complacency


Openness without divagation


Transparency without omniscience


Evolution without revolution


Equivalence without equality

Commitments and CSR

Evaneos is committed to driving positive change as a company and within the tourism industry:

  • Using tourism as a force for good. Evaneos was founded on the belief that a different way of traveling was possible, that trips could be better for travelers and the places they visit. Better Trips is their company-wide strategy, each team has a role to play in its deployment.
  • Using business as a force for good. Evaneos as a B Corp is committed to the highest standards of social & environmental performance. They want to contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy, by using profits and growth to create a positive impact on their employees, communities, and the environment.


More than 500,000 travelers have booked with Evaneos to date, representing 700 million euros towards a better future for tourism. Evaneos also invests a percentage of every sale in the Better Trips Fund, supporting projects that reduce the negative impacts of the industry and drive positive change.