Emma - The Sleep Company

Emma - The Sleep Company

  • E-commerce, Hromadná distribuce, Marketing a komunikace
  • Frankfurt Am Main, Paris
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Who we are

Emma - The Sleep Company
Emma - The Sleep Company

Company values


We have the freedom to challenge because it’s an environment of trust. This is what helps us move forward as a company.

Team Spirit

I like the spirit here. I am surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do. The motivation is contagious.


There are so many opportunities here to make an impact. You feel the difference you make.

Fresh approach

There are team members from so many countries. We see new approaches, new ways of thinking in action.

Why us ?


Joining Emma means joining a young team, growing at an extraordinary rhythm, that will help you grow and learn. We want to help you build on your strenghs and identify the skills you need to achieve the carrier you want.

Emma - The Sleep Company


Home office, roof top, coffee break, free fruits, ping pong and beer at the end of the day !

Emma - The Sleep Company


Our teams are composed of more than 500 talented people who represent around 24 different countries. Here at Emma, you’ll grow being in contact with many other universe and ways of thinking. English is our company language.

Emma - The Sleep Company

Germany / Portugal

You want to live in a multicultural city ? In the center of Europe ? With airport going directly to Palma, Amsterdam, Mexico, etc. ?

The first thing I noticed when I started at Emma was the energy. It’s contagious. You really see how driven the teams are to work hard, get to the next level, help make Emma successful. I played professional field hockey for Germany back in the day, and the buzz here reminds me of how I felt before a match. Everyone here has a “can-do” mindset, terrific team spirit. It really motivates you. So in conclusion, my first impression was a good one!

Bjoern Emmerling OLY, striving for Operational experience