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Gérard Perrier Industrie Group

The Gérard Perrier Industrie Group is specialized in Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering. As a family business, GPI is one of the biggest independent companies of its sector in France, and develops its activities in a precise yet wide domain: the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of electronic, electrical and automation equipments.
Gérard Perrier Industrie employs more than 2300 coworkers within its 10 subsidiaries: SOTEB, GERAL, SEIREL, SERA, ARDATEM, BONTRONIC, TECHNISONIC, DATIVE, R3EA and AECE; each positioned on strategic and fast-growing markets. GPI specializes in various industrial sectors, such as the nuclear, pharmaceutical, chemical, cable transport and aeronautics industries, among others.


Our values

Since the beginning of the Group’s story, hiring and training young recruits has been a key HR success factor for us, as well as fostering internal talents towards management roles. Because our employees’ skills and expertise are our main resource, we nurture a performance-oriented and motivating work environment, in order to help retain and promote our talented people, at every level. Today almost all of our managers come from this internal promotion policy, and are the best ambassadors for our HR values.


Latest job listings

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DATIVE is an internal startup, incubated within the GPI Group and positioned as an industrial digitalization expert, with a core specialization in the deployment of web and cloud-based technologies.

DATIVE’s high-level technical team is split into three main skillsets, with the common objective to harvest, exploit and enhance key industrial data in a concrete, innovative and secured way:

  • Cloud & Web development
  • Industrial IoT
  • Cybersecurity

DATIVE is hence both a software editor and a cybersecurity services provider; always dedicated to the industrial world. Thanks to its positioning within a rather large industrial group, DATIVE’s work environment combines the advantages of a tech startup with the involvement in a wide range of industrial sectors.

What they are looking for

As a highly technology-oriented company, DATIVE counts on the creativity, versatility and technical rigor of its team members. Looking for both graduates and post-graduates (mainly in Engineering), DATIVE welcomes and trains interns and young recruits, who will become Developers, Software Architects or Cybersecurity Engineers.

Beyond specific technical skills, DATIVE is looking for highly motivated and curious people, who believe in the importance of a scientific background and are willing to learn and grow within the company.

We have a strong internal promotion policy, which all our managers are an example of!

Good to know

DATIVE’s office is located within the GPI Group’s headquarters, which provides its teams with a high visibility on the other subsidiaries’ markets and activities.

There are regular opportunities to visit industrial sites, in a wide range of sectors (nuclear, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, etc.).

An on-site lab allows the team to experiment with many new technologies: VR, AR, 3D printing, connected glasses, etc.

The team is young, sporty, and organizes regular informal events (runs, karting, laser games, etc.).

The office is modern and pleasant, which is perfect for those who love business trips, and holidays!

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