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What I like about Choco is the ambition of our mission. We work in an industry filled with people who are passionate, an industry that is changing, which has a direct impact on the future of our planet. It's fascinating.

Hugo, Co-founder

What I like about my job is being at the crossroads between tech and business and bringing them together on a daily basis.

Jean, Business Analyst

Passionate about the restaurant industry, what drives me at Choco is the intelligent way in which we are contributing to the transformation of an entire industry.

Marion, Account Executive

The most interesting thing is to collaborate with a diversity of profiles and adapt the value proposition to each one. Specifically, strategic collaborations enable rapid scaling of customer acquisition and impact.

Layal, Business Partnerships Manager

As an Account Manager at Choco, my job is very dynamic and different every day, which makes it fun but challenging at the same time: there is always an opportunity to keep growing my portfolio and find new challenges. Without a doubt, the best thing is being part of an amazing team

Carmen, Account Manager

At Choco we dream big, we want to build a sustainable and fair food ecosystem. For such a big and complex challenge, there’s no other possibility than combining incredibly talented Chocorians, a culture of learning from mistakes and being extremely innovative, and a bit of fun and craziness to make it happen. We get up everyday to move one step forward into our vision, and we know we will be able to achieve it if we do it together

Oriol, General Manager

I am passionate about being able to participate in defining the strategy of the Account Managers team in Spain. With a team full of talent, we have all the ingredients to succeed

Julia, Lead Account Manager


Choco is a company that brings restaurants and their suppliers together on a digital platform. Ordering goods becomes as easy as writing a chat message. By optimizing purchasing processes, customers can save time, and money, and reduce food waste. The latter is also Choco's mission.

What they are looking for

We want you to be an owner, meaning you’ll always have the opportunity to create real impact. We don’t believe in egos or averages but challenge the status quo because what is excellent today, is not excellent tomorrow.

We’re hungry for new ideas – everyone at Choco is a founder.

Good to know

Choco was founded by serial entrepreneurs Daniel Khachab, Julian Hammer, and Grégoire Ambroselli. Since its founding in 2018, the company has grown rapidly and is now active in markets such as the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Austria, and Belgium. In February 2022, the total value of goods traded through Choco exceeded $1 billion. In April of 2022, we gained another $111 million in Series B2 funding with a valuation of $1.2 billion - earning us unicorn status just a few years in.

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