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Why does Choco exist?

Why does Choco exist?

The global food system connects 570M farms to 8B consumers and is the most important, complex structure on earth. But with growing populations and no system alignment or technology, it's under extreme stress. To cope, intermediary players (brokers, importers, etc.) manage only their part of the supply chain. These silos lead to a wasteful food system - a driver of climate change. Choco's here to provide the technology required for a connected, wasteless, data-driven, and innovative food system.

No small plans

We’re here to lead a change in one of the oldest industries on the planet, not just take part in it. We’re here to shape, not to observe. The problem we’re solving is complex with many moving parts, the work we’re doing is difficult and ambitious. But we’re here to win. That’s why we need the absolute best people to help us get there. If you’re up for a challenge of a lifetime, eager to grow, and ready to do work that you can be proud of, welcome to the jungle!

No small plans


We use the latest technology to enable the oldest, local yet global food industry to digitize its operations. We start with the problem, identify the plausible solutions, and solve for it together, keeping agility, speed, quality, and ownership at the center of how we do things. We deliver strong, demand excellence from each other, lift each other up, and together solve for our users. We win together and learn together.

Vikas Gupta , Chief Technology Officer

Joining a team that not only deeply cares about their employees but is also on a critical mission impacting the global food system is truly fulfilling. For me this isn't just a job, it's about wanting to make a positive impact on generations to come.

Elisabeth Brounts , Chief People Officer


Choco is a company that brings restaurants and their suppliers together on a digital platform. Ordering goods becomes as easy as writing a chat message. By optimizing purchasing processes, customers can save time, and money, and reduce food waste. The latter is also Choco's mission.

What they are looking for

We want you to be an owner, meaning you’ll always have the opportunity to create real impact. We don’t believe in egos or averages but challenge the status quo because what is excellent today, is not excellent tomorrow.

We’re hungry for new ideas – everyone at Choco is a founder.

Good to know

Choco was founded by serial entrepreneurs Daniel Khachab, Julian Hammer, and Grégoire Ambroselli. Since its founding in 2018, the company has grown rapidly and is now active in markets such as the U.S., Germany, France, Spain, Austria, UK, and Belgium. In February 2022, the total value of goods traded through Choco exceeded $1 billion. In April of 2022, we gained another $111 million in Series B2 funding with a valuation of $1.2 billion - earning us unicorn status just a few years in.

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