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    Front-end Developer

    • Stáž 
    • Paris
    • Možnost pracovat částečně z domova
    • Magisterský stupeň vzdělání
    • > 6 měsíců

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    Buster.Ai verifies the integrity and truthfulness of the contents using artificial intelligence. Their ambition is to become the most widely used information antivirus in the world.

    Founded in 2019, Buster.AI was born out of an observation: critical information that could potentially trigger international or economic crises circulates without rapid verification by the media or competent authorities. The phenomenon is so widespread that it is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary people to detect true and false information in the mass of information circulating on a daily basis.

    To provide an answer to this major challenge of the 21st century, Julien and Aurélien, the two co-founders, decided to create with a team of experts in artificial intelligence a true information antivirus.

    At the forefront of technology and research in artificial intelligence, Buster.Ai is a finalist in Challenges magazine’s “100 Startups to Invest in 2020”.

    Their ambition? To create consumer products (plug-ins and mobile applications) that allow everyone in the world to identify the true of the false in the mass of information, whether it is from their phone or their computer.

    Job description

    As a Front-end Developer, you will work on several front-end projects (website, web extension, web application) with the Product, Back-end, and UI/UX teams.

    💻 Your tasks will include:

    • Participate in the creation of perfect user experiences and the specification of new features
    • Develop new features and components that are maintainable and reusable in our different applications
    • Write tests and integrate internal feedback
    • Participate in deployments

    🎁 Perks


    • WeWork office space in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris, and access to all WeWork office spaces in the world 🌎
    • A rooftop for sunny days, with a breathtaking view on the Eiffel tower ☀️
    • Free coffee (vegan drinks included 🌱)
    • Lots of other amenities: resting areas, phone booths, meeting rooms, showers…


    • A Swile card for meal vouchers, financed at 60%
    • A work computer with a killer configuration 💥
    • Two screens per person
    • A Mega account with unlimited storage
    • A VPN account for secure browsing
    • -2% on Evaneos holiday trips

    Preferred experience


    • Pursuing a BA/BS degree in Computer Science or similar field or equivalent practical experience
    • Experience in some of the following: JavaScript (ES6), Typescript, HTML5/CSS3
    • Experience with Front-End technologies and/or Front-End frameworks (ReactJS, Redux)
    • You are interested in UI/UX and want to design intuitive and pretty interfaces


    • Experience developing user-facing software and attuned to the user experience
    • Experience developing with API (REST, GraphQL)
    • Database: SQL, NoSQL
    • Programming experience with Java, Scala, Kotlin, Swift, Rust, Go or Python
    • Good coding practices: Git, Testing, Documentation, CI/CD
    • Micro-service / Containers (DockerFiles)
    • You are interested in the world of media and cybersecurity

    Recruitment process

    1. Test your skills against our technical test!
    2. Video call with a member of the team to get to know you
    3. (optional) Tech interview: 1 coding challenge
    4. Final validation and onboarding & meet the dev team

    Meet the team

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