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Pavol Bušovský is the Head of Warehouse in Senec. He joined BBG because he needed a change in his life, and today, he is sure he made the right choice. More than anything, he appreciates the friendly atmosphere, fair corporate culture, and, most importantly, the team spirit that prevails in the entire warehouse. Every day in the warehouse in Senec brings new challenges. However, Pavol welcomes them and tries to improve every step. He implements better systems and processes. You can find out how the warehouse looks like and who he works with. Just watch the video!

If you were to look for the position Silvia Rosenberger holds at BBG in early 2020, you wouldn’t find it in the company structure. Today, she is the Head of Customer Experience team that improves the purchasing process, optimizes e-shops, and takes care of after-sale service and anything else that has to do with customer experience. She is also responsible for a team of CRM managers who communicate with customers in their native tongue and resolve complex issues. She was interested in BBG because of the internal marketing team. One of her favorite pastime activities is sleeping. Would you like to know why it is great meeting the company owner in the hallway and what kind of people Silvia looks for in her team? You can find out in the video.

Martin Ostradecký saw his future at BBG since CEO Peter Both introduced the company to him. In 2016, he returned to Slovakia to join the company after working on an English e-commerce project. Today, same as back then, the thing he appreciates the most about the company is its flexibility and the ability to not only follow trends but to create new ones as well. Now, he is in charge of 16 people divided among 4 teams, and he is a member of the senior leadership team that operates on the group level. Would you like to know what he considers best about BBG and which pleasant activity takes up most of his free time? He can tell you himself if you watch the video.

Christina Malacká started at BBG at the Customer Support department for Romania. Today, you can find her in the Accounting department as a Junior Accountant. She is a Romanian-Slovak, and she comes from Siplak. The thing she appreciates the most about her job is the perspective it brings her. How does the accounting work change her perspective, and how did Christina find out that everything is connected? You can find out in the video.

What does she do besides work? Among other things, we were surprised to discover that she is a co-author of the ethnological monograph "Christmas Holidays of Slovaks from Bihor and Salaž", where she contributed with her knowledge of the Romanian-Slovak traditions.

Marijan Čibarič is a member of the Customer Support team for the Croatian market. He helps the Croatian customers with the selection of products, gives them advice concerning the operation or assembly, and assists them with any warranty claims. The particular thing about the Customer Support team is that they also work as sellers – either with clients who rather order by phone than online and when recommending suitable products and additional accessories.

Understanding management, great collective, and open feedback are only some of the things he appreciates about BBG. Would you like to know how the BBG Customer Support works on weekends, and how does it feel working in an international collective? You can find out in the video.


Berlin Brands Group (BBG) has been designing, producing, and selling products in the areas of kitchen appliances, garden & living, sports and consumer electronics since 2005 and is now one of Europe’s largest digital companies. We love brands and products!

Who we are: BBG creates, builds, buys, and scales consumer brands globally. Within the last 16 years we have created and built 14 own e-commerce brands in the areas of kitchen appliances, garden & living, sports and consumer electronics. Our largest and best-known brands are Klarstein, auna, blumfeldt and Capital Sports.

Since 2020, we have been buying e-commerce brands and scaling them globally through our more than 100 sales channels. By the end of 2021, we have acquired more than 40 brands and integrated them into our product portfolio. Our passion for good products is reflected by the over 4,800 items we bring to our customers in 28 countries via the D2C (Direct-to-Consumer) model.

Our headquarter is in Berlin, however our more than 1000 employees work in many locations around the globe - from Europe, UK, USA, to Asia.

We have big plans and reinvesting in world-class logistics and fulfilment, innovative digital marketing, e-commerce, marketplace development and other sales channels. To fuel this growth, we are looking for talented and motivated colleagues like you to join us in shaping the DNA of BBG.

Who Are They Looking For

Motivated, independent... There are many buzzwords you could insert here. But at BBG, they rather look for two main qualities in people:

  • Team spirit – the company is built on trust and belief that talented people need freedom to create great things. They expect that you will rely on your colleagues and cooperate with them to achieve the best possible results.

  • Ability to make things from the ground up – BBG is not a small company, but it is a young and fast-growing one. Their processes and hierarchy are still in development, and new positions arise with people who create them.

  • Critical thinking – the world is changing fast, and that is true for companies tenfold. That is why they are looking for people who welcome change and are always a step ahead of it. People who don’t mind that where originally were two qualities, now there are three. Because the ability to adapt is the only chance to survive. Does that sound like you? Contact them!

Good To Know

BBG controls the entire life cycle of a product from design to delivery. Therefore, they look for a diverse group of people. They provide the best possible working environment to all without exception:

  • Time to let off steam: try some billiards, table football, or a couple of rounds of Mortal Combat.
  • Quiet zones, stand up tables: pick the workplace that suits you the best.
  • 30 % discount on all BBG products: try their products by yourself!
  • Spend time with colleagues: company breakfasts, teambuilding, Family days, and Christmas parties – there is plenty of opportunities to do so.
  • Better than yesterday: personal and professional growth is coded in BBG DNA. Learn foreign languages or try professional training courses.

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