Past and future

Their story

Their story

ActiveViam was founded in 2005, in London, Paris and New York simultaneously, by a group of four entrepreneurs with a passion for technology, who anticipated the explosion in the amount of data to be processed by financial institutions and, above all, the need for tools to analyze it and accelerate decision making. At the time, we were pioneers in the analysis of large volumes of data in-memory, in real time. Since then, our technology has evolved with the needs of our customers, to meet the highest performance requirements. The success is there, in 2010, ActiveViam expands in Asia by opening new offices in Singapore, then in Hong Kong in 2013. Our growth continues and in 2022 we will open offices in Sydney and Frankfurt to better support our new clients based in these regions.


Creation of ActivePivot


Creation of ActiveUI


Rebranding to ActiveViam


Launch of Direct Query functionality


Launch of Accelerators


Launch of Atoti+ and atoti

Their vision

ActiveViam is rapidly evolving with a double digit growth, and has important development ambitions on a worldwide scale, for the next few years. To achieve this, our teams must also grow, and that's where you come in!

Their vision

Company values

Joining ActiveViam means joining a solid company that has kept the flexibility and the spirit of initiative of its beginnings while structuring itself. Our ambition: to revolutionize the daily life of our customers, and for that we do everything possible to propose unique and powerful technological solutions. Our teams are close-knit, passionate, and work in an environment where trust, collaboration, and attention to detail are paramount. International is part of our DNA and our first language is English. We are proud to be a company made up of employees who reflect the diversity of the populations and countries in which we develop our activities, a richness that contributes to our success.


Our success is based on the freedom of each individual to create, innovate, and express themselves, every voice counts


We achieve our most ambitious goals together, by helping each other


Working at ActiveViam means designing new things, with the latest technologies, surrounded and mentored by experts


All ActiveViam employees, regardless of their origin, gender, orientation or religion, have access to the same opportunities

Commitments and CSR

ActiveViam actively promotes diversity and inclusion. Diversity is a source of social equilibrium that is essential to the sustainability of the Group and creates value. It encompasses: culture, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs, generational diversity, skills, marital status, family status, education, experience, competencies and disability. Inclusion means fostering respect and teamwork in the workplace, embracing and leveraging the multicultural essence of the company, and providing equal opportunity to all talent.

ActiveViam is also sensitive to environmental issues, which is why, as a creator of financial risk management software, we are developing initiatives with partners such as GreenRWA, Iggaak, MSCI and many others, to help financial institutions integrate the new climate change factor into their risk analysis.


For example, in France, this year we are sponsoring Téléspoir, the charity of the Télécom ParisTech school, which works to promote the inclusion of the most disadvantaged and access to education in developing countries.

Among our current projects, we are working on the development of a data management tool for an association fighting violence against women and members of the LGBTQ+ community.


"I think, as a woman, we are often asked to choose between family and career but in my case, because of the caring culture of the company, I can totally do both and that makes me very happy, I think I am very lucky. "

Mei Chou, Mei Chou, Development Manager, Business Solution R&D

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