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All Hanscène

Worldline is a partner of the 9th national edition of the HanScène® Student Disability Video Competition ( ) created and organised by the general interest association TREMPLIN Handicap.

Discover Tremplin Handicap

As part of our CSR policy, and more particularly our approach in favour of a better inclusion of people with disabilities, we invite you to join us in supporting this inclusive societal approach.

IN WHAT WAY? By participating in the HanScène® All HanScène® Student Disability Video Contest.

WHAT IS HANSCENE® ALL ABOUT ? Today in France, only 8% of young people with disabilities are in higher education (compared to 17% of all young people) and of these only 1% are in higher education.

Based on this observation, the objectives of Tous HanScène® are linked to three major national challenges:

  • To encourage more middle and high school students with disabilities to continue their studies in higher education.
  • Increasing the opening of campuses and higher education institution curricula to young people with disabilities.
  • Enable companies to recruit people with disabilities with higher levels of education than the baccalaureate level

WOULD YOU LIKE TO PARTICIPATE? Appeal to your director's soul and your creativity!

The rules of the game are simple, put together a team of 2 to 4 students maximum (representing the same School / University) and put the handicap on display by making "HanScène®" available to you in a video lasting a minimum of 2 minutes to a maximum of 3 minutes. Let your imagination run wild to get the maximum number of votes and views on the Tous HanScène® website.

This year, seven categories are proposed to you to illustrate the world of disability and disabled students:

  • The category ARTS AND TRIALS, is intended for the most poetic, artistic and cinematographic among you, for those who want to overturn the codes of literature and art, for those who seek to show their vision of disability through innovation and creation.
  • HUMOUR: a historical theme of Tous HanScène®. Fans of mischief, mockery, winks of all kinds, this category is made for you! Disability is also compatible with humour and laughter.
  • For the more sporty ones, we haven't forgotten you: the SPORT category will allow you to rhyme disability with performance, surpassing oneself, competition, exploiting ...
  • For those who wish to approach disability from the point of view of studies, campus life, courses, and moments shared with friends: the STUDENT'S LIFE category is for you to choose.
  • A little more serious, the PROFESSIONAL LIFE category will let you express yourself on disability and the world of work. - If, apart from the office categories, you wish to discuss other topics such as living at home as you do, leisure activities, spending time with family and friends, personal initiatives, travel and many other intangible rights, then the DAILY LIFE category will help you.
  • And finally, the TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION category to tackle the subject of disability awareness through a technological prism oriented towards technical, connected, digital solutions.

So, what are you waiting for to choose the category that suits you and put disability on the map?

You have until 16 April 2021 to participate ! To get inspired, you can find the videos of previous years here . It's up to you, be creative! We're counting on you!

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With innovation at the core of its DNA, Worldline’s core offerings include pan-European and domestic Commercial Acquiring for physical or online businesses, secured payment transaction processing for banks and financial institutions, as well as transactional services in e-Ticketing and for local and central public agencies.

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Worldline employs circa 20.000 people worldwide, with 2020 revenue of circa 4.8 billion euros.

What they are looking for

Worldline is looking for people who are passionate about new technologies and willing to contribute to the continuous improvement of projects as a team.

If you share their values innovation, excellence, cooperation and empowerment, if the idea of learning motivates you, and if you wish to work in a responsible international company, join them!

Good to know

Joining Worldline means working from their premises in project mode with strong pooling of expertise and experience. They are present on several sites in France:

Seclin (near Lille), Rennes, Blois, Tours, Vendôme, La Défense (near Paris), Marseille and Villeurbanne (near Lyon).

It also means:

  • Finding the right balance between your professional and personal lives (flexible working hours, the possibility of telecommuting...)
  • Special attention paid to occupational well-being,
  • Working in a company with strong CSR commitments
  • Joining a growing company that offers a wide array of projects
  • Being proactive in the development of your professional career
  • Accepting to take part in Nerf gun fights

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