Remote policy

We really are a full-remote company by design • We don’t have any office so we all work from home (or co-working spaces) • But not remote-only • We gather quarterly for memorable offsites • And we enjoy occasional meet-ups in co-working spaces •

Of course full-remote is an incredible opportunity for companies to work with talents from all over the world • Not only because we increase our pool of candidates • But also because we can benefit from a variety of culture and backgrounds • We value this diversity a lot •

Of course full-remote is an incredible opportunity for employees to choose where they want to live • And have a great personal and professional balance • But let’s be honest • Working 100% remotely is also a challenge in terms of ways of working, collaboration and most importantly social bonds between employees • We still face some challenges • And as for many topics at Wave • We regularly seek feedback from the team • In a continuous improvement philosophy •

So far we set some principles in terms of remote ways of working •

First of all • We try to have mostly asynchronous communication • We avoid flooding people’s agendas with meetings • We ensure a daily 3-hour ‘deep-work’ with no meetings and no notifications • So everyone has time to focus and work on their top priority objectives •

We still feel we need some synchronous meetings • To effectively run the company and work together :

  • the Monday Ride : aiming to align everyone for the week to come
  • the Friday Watch, to close the week together : primarily a moment for demos and celebrations
  • 1:1 between employees and their managers

For the moment • We consider we’re not ready to manage all time zones • So we need our talents to be based +3/-3 hours from CET • We hope we will soon be able to be 100% “work from anywhere”

Playful moments 🏄

We also create sharing and playing moments for the team • learning sessions • game sessions (we are pretty intense at GeoGuessr!) •Wave talks with external speakers • sport or health sessions with external providers • And of course •we meet in person every quarter during unforgettable • really unforgettable • offsites.

We value ownership and evaluate people on what they deliver, not how many hours we see them connected on Slack (pre, mid and post pandemic!). It means everyone is free to organize its daily work the way it better suits his/her needs as long as they participate in our few synchronous meetings.

Raphaëlle, Talent Director