After more than 10 years of enriching experiences in direct marketing and the educational field, Corinne was looking for new challenges within a dynamic company where data would play a central role. In love with data and innovation, she joined Wakam as Data Management Team Lead. She ensures that processes are respected, that data quality is monitored and that internal and external data deliverables are met with the help of her dream team "DataRun".

Jacques-Olivier SCHATZ began his career as a business engineer at B2i, before joining Alten's management team in 2007 as chief of staff. From 2012 to 2016, he was Administrative and Financial Director of several subsidiaries of the engineering group. Jacques-Oliver will take over as Chief Executive Officer of the neo-bank Nickel, a European fintech in hyper-growth, when it becomes part of the BNP Paribas Group in 2017. He has notably worked on the structuring and development of the company, which has experienced exponential growth in France and Europe. He also worked on the implementation of a scalable tool for Nickel's core banking system, and on the launch of new products and an international offer. Building on his experience at Nickel, Jacques-Olivier SCHATZ joined Wakam in May 2020, as Chief Operations Officer where he manages the operational management of the teams as well as La Parisienne's development projects in France and internationally.

After training as an engineer at Polytechnique, Alexis worked for a few years in strategy consulting (BCG) where he carried out many missions related to Operations. Until 2020, he worked in assistance, where he carried out operations: first with a large global player (Europ Assistance) then in Amsterdam with a smaller local player (SOS international). After this experience in assistance, Alexis wanted to join a real insurer, and heard about Wakam as a very dynamic insurer, a real InsurTech nugget. "Wakamee" for 7 months, he loves it! At Wakam, Alexis is in charge of operations related to the insured. This essentially includes claims management and a little contract management (endorsements, cancellations, etc.). His ultimate goal? To make sure that policyholders are satisfied, that everything is done according to the rules (both internal and related to the various insurance regulators), and that Wakam remains profitable!

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Wakam is an INsurer that offers a unique, 100% digital and white label offer to its BtoB partners, who are e-retailers, brokers and insurtechs.

In particular, Wakam develops new-generation "embedded" insurance solutions. Perfectly integrated into the products they protect, these solutions ensure absolute peace of mind for the end consumer. Convinced of the key role of insurers in social and environmental progress, Wakam is moving towards Mission status by the end of 2020.

Wakam creates tailor-made, white-label insurance solutions across 13 countries for its B-partners - brokers, insurtechs and e-retailers.

Wakam’s insurance solutions are designed to respond to society's new consumption habits. Wakam believes that embedded insurance is at the core of the future of insurance in the 21st century. Perfectly integrated into the products that they cover, embedded insurance gives absolute peace of mind to the consumer.

The company provides 100% of its products through API, and hosts over 300 000 contracts in its private blockchain to automatically manage policies. Wakam will evolve over the next few months towards the status of a Mission-Driven Company.

What they are looking for

The motto Free to Impact illustrates the uniqueness of Wakam's corporate culture, based on freedom, autonomy and the ability of its teams to make permanent proposals. To join the Wakam "Squad", you should know that they will set their sights on you if you know how to stay:

With Wakam “Free to impact” culture, discover a workplace culture where everything is possible, all ideas are considered, and each person can make a change!

  • Focus by having a sense of priorities and staying involved without losing your direction!
  • Resilient with a real ability to step back and learn from your mistakes.
  • Agile in moving easily from one subject to another: unparalleled adaptability.
  • Caring and driven by team spirit, sharing information and knowledge.
  • Professional, a tasty mix of transparency and ethics!

Good to know

The company substitutes a hierarchy with an organisation and a methodology, where everyone finds their role and knows their deliverables.

With only 3 hierarchical levels and a highly collaborative way of working, Wakam is a particularly agile and transparent company. Only three levels of hierarchy. At Wakam, “the executive” is replaced by “the enabler”.

We encourage initiative, new ideas, proactivity and collective intelligence. With us, you’ll be part of a common goal and a shared adventure.

Our model is based on a 4-step methodology. Each team is a “Squad” and skillsets are divided up according to their role in each phase within the organization.

Development counts! We give our people the tools that they need to progress professionally and express their curisosity by sharing their skills within other teams.

We listen to our people, facilitate their integration through a friendly onboading , improve their daily working life and always ask for feedback in a weekly flash survey.

This makes Wakam a company where life is good:

  • Wakam has been certified great place to work by “Happy index”

  • A passionate team with diverse and multi-generational profiles,

  • Inclusion and diversity is at the heart of the recruitment strategy and the company culture.

  • Collaborative working methods facilitated by tools and technological equipment

  • Wakamees benefit from a fully digitalized workplace where Slack and Zoom have replaced paperwork!

  • Offices in the heart of Paris designed by the employees themselves!

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