Blockchain, FinTech/InsurTech, Poisťovníctvo

Paris, London, Milan, Munich


Wakam is a European B2B2C insurer that designs white-label insurance products for its partners (e-retailers, brokers and fintech/insurtech, etc.). Our insurance products have the particularity of being embedded in the products or services offered to the end customer (for example, if you take a self-service e-scooter, you are automatically insured).

Wakam operates in 32 European countries with the majority of its turnover generated outside France. The company provides most of its products through API, and hosts white-label insurance solutions via its Play&Plug technology platform.

At Wakam we believe in the formula “for-profit & for good”. Since March 2021, we are a Mission-driven company, which means that our mission statement ‘Enabling transparent and impactful insurance’ is written in our bylaws. And we go further: by defining concrete commitments to illustrate this mission, such as writing our insurance contracts in plain language (no more confusing terms and conditions). We also create insurance products at cost for associations.

Our culture? Free to impact. A culture where everything is possible, where all ideas are taken into consideration, where everyone has an impact on the transformation of insurance! Hungry for freedom? Thirsty for autonomy? If you are adventurous and like challenges, then the Wakam adventure might be made for you!

What they are looking for

Mindset compatibility with our ‘Free to Impact’ culture:

  • Think big
  • Biased for action
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • Can say no and find solutions
  • Aims for the moon (but please don’t stick on the moon)
  • And above all: have fun working together 🤜🤛 !

Good to know

Wakam is not based on a hierarchy but on a methodology where everyone finds his role and knows his objectives.

With a flat hierarchical system and a highly collaborative operating model, Wakam is an extremely agile and transparent company.

Every last Friday of the month, it's Free.day at Wakam, a day without meetings to take a step aside and dedicate ourselves to skills sponsorship or other activities (because we are curious, I remind you).

Full-remote is a reality at Wakam (there is even one Wakamee who works from his sailing boat ⛵)

We are nice (you'll find out by yourself 😉)

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