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After completing graduate studies in accounting and finance, Richard quickly joined a FAO software publisher in 1995 as Administrative & Financial Director.

In 2005, the company joined the TOPSOLID group and Richard became its Management Controller, then Administrative & Financial Director and Member of the Executive Committee.

Passionate about this company, its still family culture and its formidable teams invested in their work, Richard and 3 of his colleagues took on the challenge in 2018 of taking over the company's management via a new MBO with the help of financial partners very close to the world of industry.

After several years in the design office in the field of special machines, Julien joined TOPSOLID SAS in 2012 in search of new challenges.

Having started as a pre-sales technician, he chose to resume his studies alongside his work to become an engineer, a position he will always hold at TOPSOLID SAS after graduation.

Today, as Deputy Product Manager, he blossoms in this strategic position within a dynamic team and in an ambitious and caring company environment.

Always a fan of challenges, he savours the challenges every day with the opportunity, now, to be able to act for tens of thousands of customers all over the world.

After studying applied mathematics, Mohamed joined TOPSOLID in 2008 as an IT development engineer in the Services department.

In a dynamic, passionate and attentive team, this position has led him to assist clients in the design and implementation of their projects to integrate CAD/CAM/ERP solutions adapted to their different businesses and skills

Now in charge of this same department since January 2019, its main mission is to ensure the achievement of technical and commercial objectives, to manage its team and resources to ensure the successful completion of customer projects in terms of quality, costs and deadlines.

After her apprenticeship training, Charline used TopSolid software to set up the design office and manage production in a design company.

She then joined TopSolid 3 years ago to join the Quality and Technical Support Department. Its objective: to make it easier for customers to use the software.

To do this, it answers their design and CAD use questions or installation problems. It also looks for bugs, tests their correction and finally proposes evolutions to improve the software.

What he likes about this position: finding solutions for all types of projects but with a slight preference for wood issues.

Alexis is a qualified general engineer. After setting up TopSolid'Erp in a forge in his first job, he decided to join TopSolid in 2017 as an ERP consultant.

Alexis' current role is to train users to use the software and monitor the implementation of TopSolid'Erp at its customers' premises to ensure the successful deployment of the software with the objective of customer satisfaction.

During his missions Alexis works with clients in totally different sectors of activity. This can range from the aeronautical manufacturer, to the manufacturer of selvedge terminals, to the manufacturer of hydraulic pumps. This diversity is what makes Alexis so successful, both personally and professionally.

Caroline studied fundamental mathematics in France and Germany and continued her studies with a doctorate at the University of Paris-Sud.

She joined TOPSOLID in 2016 to join the team working on the machining algorithms that manage the toolpath.

Currently, his objective is to develop efficient machining strategies to enable customers to machine large quantities of material in a short period of time.

In her work, she enjoys reflecting on the variety of complex mathematical and algorithmic problems she encounters on a daily basis.

She enjoys being part of a human-sized company where you can directly feel the impact of her work through customer feedback and collaboration with her colleagues.

After studying Applied Mathematics, Michi joined TopSolid in 2019 in the research and development team as a robotics development engineer. His objectives are to integrate the robotics module into the software. The goal is to design a product that conforms to the markets and much more.

She particularly enjoys the challenges she faces on a daily basis, looking for adequate solutions to the different problems to meet the current expectations of customers and anticipate their future needs. She enjoys being part of a team that is dynamic, ambitious and supportive.

Carole studied applied mathematics in France and in Lebanon.

She joined TOPSOLID in 2020 as a CAM developer working on the methods for the calculation of machining paths.

She likes to create new machining operations, and improve the functioning of the software.

She enjoys being part of a company with a family atmosphere, encouraging and helping each other. She is attracted by the fact that the software is international.

Rémi trained as a mechatronics engineer, then worked as a software architect and finally worked as a developer for an IT company in the transport sector for 6 years.

In 2020, he joined the TopSolid development team where he can combine his experience in IT with his knowledge of mechanics. He contributes to the development of new functionalities for the machining part of the software as well as to the maintenance of the existing code.

He appreciates being part of a project where he can see the concrete results of his work. He also likes to be confronted with various problems, sometimes requiring the correction or development of complex algorithms and he likes to be able to count on his colleagues to help him solve them.

After having implemented TopSolid in a company during a BTS apprenticeship, Clément joined TOPSOLID as a Topsolid'WoodCam quality engineer.

He then took the opportunity to apply as a development engineer specialized in Topsolid'WoodCam 7. He likes to find quick and lasting solutions to customer problems.

After a BTS in Industrial Product Design and a general engineering school with a specialization in robotics and embedded systems, Matthieu worked in the design and methods office of various industrial companies (a sheet metal cutting specialist, an aeronautical manufacturer, a subcontractor specializing in highly technical manufacturing processes) mainly in R&D.

During his engineering training, he switched to IT with a strong experience in C# and an openness to different languages. He joined TopSolid as a development engineer with a strong knowledge of the customer's business for whom he works to provide a satisfactory product.


TOPSOLID is a world leader in CAD/CAM/ERP software publishing.

With over thirty-five years of experience, the company offers a fully integrated CAD/CAM/ERP solution. TOPSOLID mainly targets the mechanical industry (machines, tools, etc.), sheet metal / boilermaking and wood. Wherever a machine interacts with material to machine, shape or process a part.

Its TopSolid product range is young, complete and unique on the market. Thanks to its advanced technology and its permanent sense of innovation at the service of the business lines, TOPSOLID is experiencing strong growth in the global CFAO market. Today, more than 10,000 companies worldwide use TopSolid.

The company has been expanding strongly internationally for the past decade. Its products are distributed all over the world and more than 70% of the software is exported. TOPSOLID has partners in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and South America.

More than 600 employees (TOPSOLID employees and resellers) develop and market TopSolid worldwide on a daily basis. To the delight of designers and plant builders.

What they are looking for

TOPSOLID is recruiting:

Engineers to collaborate on the development of new functionalities, the improvement and evolution of the existing product, the realization of the test and validation phases of our software. You have at least a Bac + 5 (or equivalent) in computer development (general computer engineers + mechanical knowledge, engineers from the applied maths program, mechanical engineers, web and mobility programming specialists, database developers or human-machine interface developers).

Technicians to collaborate on the deployment of our solutions to our industrial customers (installations, training or hotline support). You have at least a Bac + 2 (or equivalent) of type DUT Mechanical and Production Engineering, BTS Productique, BTS Conception des Produits Industriels and BTS Informatique de Gestion for our ERP line).

Join a team of more than 100 people in development & quality spread over 4 development sites and a growing company!

Join TOPSOLID and participate in the creation of tools for industry 4.0 !

Good to know

A company on a human scale with 6 locations in France.

The teams have a pleasant working environment (friendly premises and top quality equipment).

In each branch, everyone enjoys meeting at the coffee corner to start the day.

The July barbecue, Christmas dinner, seminars are all opportunities to share very good moments with colleagues and friends... Not to mention the table football game, tennis tournaments or jogging between noon and 2pm!

At TOPSOLID, they did not wait for incentives to redistribute the result. The company distributes a significant portion of its profits in the form of profit-sharing, profit-sharing and bonuses.

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