Victoria has a French-German background and worked in journalism and international relations before joining the Parisian tech sector. She joined TextMaster in 2017 and has been in charge of the Marketing for the DACH region before becoming Head of Marketing at TextMaster and Chief Marketing Officer of the Acolad Group in 2018.

Tiziana is Italian and worked for 9 years at the largest Italian editorial group, Mondadori, as an Editorial Project Manager. In 2010, she co-founded a cultural organization with friends in Firenze, where she was the Communication and Musical Programmation Manager for the Glue Alternative Concept Space until 2014. She landed in Paris in 2015 and started to work as a Web Copywriter for the Italian version of L'Oréal Paris' website, and joined TextMaster in 2017 as a Project Manager. Her role evolved in the company and she's now a Business Developer for the Italian Market.

Noor hails from the cosmopolitan island of Bahrain, where she grew up surrounded by many different languages. Today, as a Computational Linguist in the Research and Development team, she is one of the people responsible for developing and maintaining Natural Language Processing technology at TextMaster. Through a pluridisciplinary approach combining computer science and engineering with theoretical linguistics, Noor works towards creating a modular NLP process that innovates while intelligently using all of TextMaster's natural language resources.

Constant is Parisian and was part of the salesteam in the leading medical appointment management SaaS startup, working between Lille and Paris for 3 years. He joined TextMaster in 2018 as an Account Executive for the French market.

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TextMaster is the first global solution for professional translation that is available entirely online. Thanks to a network of expert translators, cutting-edge technologies and a range of value-added services, TextMaster enables companies to streamline the translation of their content in over 150 language combinations and 100 areas of expertise.

As part of the Acolad group, together with Amplexor and Livewords, TextMaster is present in 25 countries and combines a network of over 2,000 internal experts worldwide and +20,000 external linguists.

What they are looking for

At TextMaster, every position is key to our global growth: we know that we will only succeed if our people succeed. We are continuously looking for new talent (like you!) to support our mission to drive growth and innovation across some of the world’s leading brands.

Joining TextMaster means an opportunity to be part of an international group that promotes professional development, talent and creativity through collaborative environments with cross-functional, global teams.

Good to know

TextMaster's office is located in the heart of Paris' 2nd arrondissement, right next to a sunny park, in a popular area for startups where you'll find lots of nice bars and restaurants that you can enjoy thanks to a Lunch Voucher Card.

Bonus: table football and FIFA tournaments during every lunch break!

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