SPIX Industry

SPIX Industry


Today, SPIX industry brings together a team of experts in software development, natural language processing, automatic dialog systems, ergonomics, design and project management to transform the test (we are from Toulouse!) in France and in Europe.

The team is divided into 3 poles, which work together to meet the challenges of the company:

  • the R&D and product team
  • the client projects team
  • the sales and marketing team

Employee breakdown

  • Development


  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Customer satisfaction


  • Sales & Marketing


  • Administration


R&D and Product team

The product team works on improving the performance of the Spix conversational agent, and on the configuration and implementation of the associated dialogue activities, the SKILLS.

The R&D team is responsible for solving critical problems related to the introduction of voice in the industry: mastering several voice recognitions, testing and validating their effectiveness, developing more efficient, more modular, multi-OS software architectures, etc. The R&D challenges also revolve around automatic language processing in order to improve the performance and modularity of the SKILLS integrated with our customers.

Finally, the R&D team integrates test and validation functions to guarantee the reliability of the delivered solutions.

“My pride is to see R&D work transformed into operational software.”

Leny, Leny, R&D Director and Co-founder

Sales and Marketing team

The sales team is responsible for bringing commercial contracts back to the company. SPIX industry commercial contracts are of several types:

  • Sales of software licenses: Spix.SKILLS configurations that meet a customer need
  • Integration projects to create interfaces between customer software and Spix.SKILLS

The mission of the marketing team is to generate the interest of potential customers for SPIX industry voice solutions, using several communication channels.

“Sales without technique is like a meal without cheese!”

Joëlle responsable commerciale, Joëlle, Sales Manager

Development team

The SPIX industry developer team works in cooperation with the project team and the R&D and product team. Its mission is to:

Integrate Spix.SKILLS products into our customers' environments Participate in the development of products according to the roadmap given by R&D Participate in the development of the company's technical culture, and improve best practices

The advantage of this project/product duality is to remain very close to the operational use of SPIX industry voice solutions: all our developers work on customer products and applications.

“The work-study internship is a good way to gain an employer's trust!”

Jason, Jason, Developer

Customer’s projects team

Together with the client project managers, the project team is responsible for the integration of Spix.SKILLS in customer’s environment. This integration involves several skills:

  • The teams of developers who master the Spix.SKILLS product
  • A user-oriented approach to guarantee the usability of the solution
  • The test and validation team to guarantee the quality of the delivery
  • All the means of audio testing to optimize the reliability of the equipment

Working on the use of voice in the production workshop or on mobile inspection tasks is an exciting and highly multidisciplinary challenge.

“Agility is like cooking; you just have to do things in the right order!”

Arnaud, Arnaud, Project Director

Management team

Philippe, Leny and André are the founders of SPIX industry. They are 100% committed to the commercial and technical development of the company.

Today, the founders share their vision with a management team that includes business, technical, R&D and… finance. This vision is transmitted to all employees to guarantee the consistency of product and project developments.

The management team works on the development of the SPIX industry company, by seeking new customer contracts in support of business, seeking subsidies in France and Europe to co-finance the R&D work, and on the proper management of the company to ensure its sustainability.

“Time is the only container that weighs less when it is well filled!”

André, André, Managing Director and Co-founder