When he was Data Analyst in New York at Casper, Romain came about with the idea of Shipup. By the end of his studies at HEC in 2016, he had no doubt: he wanted to create his own startup. He took the leap with his two cofounders, Terence and Quentin, whome were also newly graduated.

After being Data Analyst at Drivy and Dashlane, Terence joined the Shipup adventure alongside Romain, whom he met at school in 2012. He brings with him solid experience generated from working for startups that have had enormous success.

After three years in the world of e-commerce, within the marketplace ecosystem, Didier joins Shipup to get closer to customer experience issues. With more than 200 French and Spanish brand launched from actors such as Amazon or La Redoute, he has been able to understand the issues and problems facing today's e-tailers.

With her e-commerce-oriented profile, Ségolène debuted her career by working for a brand as an E-merchandiser, before switching to the dark side of solution providers. Since she has been working in the field of Customer Success for several years now, she became the CS team's Manager and puts our clients and their satisfaction at the center of Shipup's projects. Autonomy, people skills, and initiative are a CSM's keys to success!

Originally from Los Angeles, Ethan has lived on three continents working in different startups. Starting his career in New York in corporate advertising, he quickly realized he craved a smaller and more innovative environment. One thing led to another and he arrived in Tel Aviv working on the client relations side of a start up helping manage and build an international portfolio of clients. By way of love and luck, he arrived in Paris for a new adventure - helping build the Shipup brand in the United States. He now helps build connections with potential American customers and is instrumental in the creation of the sales offer for the US.

Thanks to her dual degree between the Engineering School "Arts et Métiers" and the business school "HEC Paris"—within the Entrepreneurs programs—Diane joined Shipup when there was only 6 people in the team. Quickly, she took on the challenge of supporting the development and growth of Shipup in France and internationally; from both a human and strategic point of view.

Quentin co-founded Shipup right after graduating. As a CTO and CPO, his ambition is to create the most value for Shipup's customers through innovation and solid technological foundations. He ensures the product team is building first-class solutions by solving clients' needs first.

After many years in the communications, Ophélie joined Shipup as Office Manager when the team only had 11 people. Since then, many employees have arrived and the challenge of keeping Shipup’s DNA and supporting our values is even greater!

Ophélie's main mission is to provide the best support for all employees in their career and to contribute to their happiness under the best possible conditions.

After graduating from business school, Emmanuel has worked as a product manager for 3 years now. Following his experience in product management at Hyperlex, he joined Shipup in October 2020. Since then, he’s been working with his squad and the global teams to revolutionise post-purchase experience for online retailers.

After three years in the e-commerce space, more precisely within the advertising ecosystem, Caroline joined Shipup to get closer to the post-purchase customer experience.

Passionate about online shopping & enabling sales structures, her main missions now revolve around bringing better ROI to her prospects & empowering her BDR team.

After a masters degree in engineering at Telecom ParisTech, Simon landed his first job at a company built around connected cars.With the experience he gained in the Cloud team, he joined Shipup to build the technical teams with Quentin, co-founder and CTO.

Now lead developer for one of the squads of the technical team, he enjoys putting all his accumulated knowledge in technology, organizational best practices, and business intelligence to the service of his developers

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At Shipup, our mission is to create a seamless, proactive and branded post-purchase experience for online retailers. 🛍🛒

Shipup is a SaaS company that tracks in real time the orders and deliveries of online retailers in order to create a seamless, branded and reassuring post-purchase experience (proactive and live notifications, customized tracking pages, customer surveys at delivery…). Thanks to Shipup, ordering online is less stressful. Online shoppers are more satisfied, they complain less and buy again more.

The company has been created at the end of 2016 by Romain, Terence and Quentin : 3 co-founders from HEC Paris and Centrale Paris who used to work for Drivy (acquired by Getaround), Rocket Internet, Casper and Dashlane.

Shipup works with more than 400 brands in Europe and North America, some of which are very successful digitally native brands (Cheerz, Blissim, Withings, Feed., Le Petit Ballon, Respire, Aime, Na-Kd, Ssense, Ysé, A.P.C. …) while others are larger, more traditional accounts (Leclerc, Carrefour, Intermarché, Go Sport, Yves Rocher…).

June 30th 2020 : Shipup announces a 6m€ series A in order to open an office in New York and recruit 45 people in the next 12 months.

What they are looking for

Shipup is looking for new talent who can work autonomously and want to be the master of their craft - from A to Z. Shipup greatly values inventive candidates who are not afraid of the day to day of a start-up or jostled by ever present surprises and challenges.

Joining Shipup is also to believe and share their values, 100% :

  • First and foremost: care for others
  • Be ambitious for yourself and for the team
  • Be the owner of your field
  • Empower your colleagues
  • Take initiatives

Good to know

Working at Shipup means :

  • Collaborating daily with C-levels from the most well known brands in Europe and North America.
  • Enjoying an international environment with non-French speaking colleagues.
  • Living the adventure of a growing startup : a 6m€ series A announced in june 2020 to open an office in New York and recruit massively
  • Benefiting from incredible off-sites (Corsica, Cap Ferret, Val d'Isère, Marrakech, Sicily...) not to mention restaurants, drinks, and nights out...
  • Being able to work from home every Thursday and Friday

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