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Rémy, 57 years old, after starting his career in business consulting, joined Savoye as CFO, then held various responsibilities within the Group: first as DGA and then as Group HR Director. He returns in 2011 as CEO of Savoye, participates in its development, and sees the company triple its turnover over the last 5 years by expanding its international footprint.

Passionate about new technologies, he appreciates the discovery of other cultures, entrepreneurship, curiosity and sincerity as key values. Rémy practices mountain biking and trail running but also enjoys gastronomy. It is this pleasure of conviviality that guides his professional life: working seriously without taking oneself seriously!

After completing his Master of Science in Engineering, Rémi has developed his skills in project management in the context of major international rail infrastructure projects. After 10 years working on different sites in different countries, he joined Savoye as Deputy Head of the Projects Department in order to share his taste for project management, his multicultural and international experiences in order to contribute to the Savoye development and growth, in France and in the subsidiaries abroad.

Passionate about technology for more than 25 years, I have always worked in the direction of technical development and the latest solutions implemented, while keeping in mind the industrial vision of our activity. At Savoye, we build turnkey solutions for our clients. What I particularly appreciate is the linking of IT and automation, to imagine innovative products. Create the logistics of tomorrow with today's tools, it is the most interesting challenge.

Marie has a Master's degree in business school, specializing in Human Resources, which she completed in a work-study program. Before joining Savoye in July 2020 as a recruitment officer, she had experience in the industry and also in an IT consulting firm. One of Marie's qualities is the speed with which she finds the best candidates in the shortest possible time.

Don't let her down, come and meet her for interview!

After studying automation, Miguel started as an automation developer and moved on to managerial positions. After several years in the same company, he wanted to join Savoye and discover the world of logistics where he joined the automation design office in March 2020, where he manages automation specialists in the world of logistics (transport of bins, boxes and pallets).

On a daily basis, his work and that of his team call on multiple skills in automation but also in mechanics, electricity and power variation. The proximity with the manufacturing workshop allows to have a concrete vision of the actions implemented. Find out more about their missions by watching their presentation video.

Xavier joined Savoye in 2008 as a Pre-Sales Consultant, then moved on in 2011 to lead the team.

His team of pre-sales consultants works in tandem with the sales team to convince our customers of the best solution (WMS, TMS, OMS) for their needs: a daily challenge!

His team works on projects in France and abroad.


Their business: Providing their customers with modern software and automation solutions to control their logistics and ensure the traceability of their supply chain: from warehouse management to order preparation to distribution to their end customers.

Savoye, a French company with a global reach, has just joined the top 20 global players. Savoye offers solutions that meet the needs of logistics organizations, from the simplest to the most complex, serving both SMEs and large accounts.

SAVOYE has two major areas of expertise:

  • Advanced Software : publishing software for Supply Chain Execution (OMS, WMS, WCS, TMS, EDI),
  • Advanced Technologies : for the design, manufacture and integration of automated and robotized goods-to-person solutions for heavy (pallets) and light (cartons, totes) loads, order preparation systems, automation of shipping packaging (packaging machines)

What they are looking for

Savoye is looking for people with a passion for technology and innovation, ready to take on international challenges, but also enterprising personalities, interested in teamwork and project mode.

If you are interested in technical, innovative, intercultural and human challenges, join us!

Good to know

Work at Savoye it's :

  • Complex technical projects involved in the logistics of tomorrow
  • International growth
  • Company culture that encourages initiative and autonomy
  • Pleasant working relationship
  • Cultural diversity

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