Mike was pursuing programming since high school but then came to realization that he wanted some extra spice on top of writing code. He learned about machine learning and natural language processing at a time it wasn't yet talked much about and instantly got hooked.

He eventually found his enjoyment in solving a variety of data-related tasks at Runecast, while expanding to other areas of development, such as frontend.

His hobbies include hiking, wildlife photography, and PC gaming, although he admits that having a burger always takes a priority.

Míša got interested in HR during her studies when she was a part of various projects. She then went on to study HR at university in London and when she came back to Brno, she joined Runecast. At Runecast, she enjoys the creativity that her role brings, as she is responsible for building things up from the bottom.

In her free time, she is often reading, painting, or spending time with her dog. She also likes to travel, especially going camping and hiking in the mountains.

Lubo is all into building great software products while collaborating with awesome people. That's why he enjoys working in both process and design-oriented roles at Runecast. It is a great opportunity that you can apply all your skills and knowledge in the startup.

Outside of work he spends time with his family, learning new things, and running.

About company

Runecast Analyzer is a patented software – built by Admins, for Admins – that converts industry sources of information into machine-readable data. Then it scans virtualized data centers for any hidden problems, deviations from best practices, and non-compliance with the security frameworks and helps IT Admins to proactively remediate them in a fraction of the time.

They’re a team of entrepreneur-minded professionals from 20 different countries - but united, half of them in Brno offices! Their skills have convinced companies like Verizon, ČSOB Leasing, Erste Bank, and many other big players out there to choose Runecast Analyzer to protect their data centers.

Who are they looking for

They're looking for colleagues with the same mindset as theirs - professionals who develop meaningful solutions and solve complex development challenges by thinking outside the box.

Good to know

Runecast was founded in 2014 by a team of virtualization professionals with a vision: help IT System Admins get and maintain control of their environments. They're a growing international company with a relaxed startup vibe. Their operational HQ in the second-largest Czech city of Brno supports a global team of professionals, business partners, and customers all over the world.

They try to make "flat hierarchy" evident daily, as their founders work among them as 'normal' folks and welcome new ideas from everyone on the team. All their teams are fully functional remotely, or you can meet with some colleagues in Brno offices.

Family is the biggest shared value (aside from building the highest-quality solution for customers). Your spouse and kids are always welcome to join their summer grill parties and Christmas parties. They are flexible when you need to be – they’re not a typical 9-5 culture.

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