Philippe is co-founder and CEO at papernest in Paris. Always the first to throw himself into the breach, it is undoubtedly his passage through the Navy that helped him to know how to navigate in troubled waters to lead the team towards new horizons. The idea of papernest came to him by moving one too many times. A few months to refine the project, and he resigned to go ahead with Benoit, and finally simplify the administration for the millions of people oppressed by paperwork!

Quentin is Chief Marketing Officer at papernest in Paris. He has already crossed the English Channel in the middle of a storm, and at night, without an engine, in the middle of cargo ships. So you'd think that negotiating a web partnership wouldn't scare him off. His previous experience in marketing has seen him take on many international projects. At the helm of papernest's acquisition strategy, he intends to do it again - faster and stronger.

Gaëlle is CRM & Data Project Manager at papernest in Paris. A graduate of the Ponts et Chaussées, Gaëlle loves to dive into figures and SQL queries ... but also has a passion for animating relationships with our partners. Smile and joie de vivre are an integral part of her daily life, as are dance classes, cocktail tastings ... and sour sweets!

Sophia is Floor Manager at papernest in Barcelona. Inexhaustible, one of her strong points is to do several things simultaneously: she is nicknamed the Queen B of papernest. Arriving as a sales advisor in 2019, she was promoted 6 months later to the role of supervisor of the Sunshine team (just like her) which struck a strike at KPI's. Proactive, dynamic and a Disney fan, she is the answer to all your paper-questions.

Rossella is Talent Acquisition Manager at papernest in Barcelona. This multilingual Italian who arrived in Barcelona 3 years ago has become a shooting star in recruitment thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the best techniques for finding the rare pearl. Juggling languages, profiles and Spaghetti ai frutti di mare, she makes papernest’s international market grow day after day.

Aron is Sales Manager Spain at papernest Barcelona. Having worked in different Start-ups in Europe he has come to papernest with the aim of developing the best sales team ever! If you want to talk to him it's very simple, wear a helmet and ask him about his bike, he'll consider you one of his own! Alternatively you can always tell him you know the best pizza restaurants in Barcelona.

Pierre is Growth Hacking & Data Marketing manager at papernest in Barcelona. A travel fan, he has left the beautiful weather in Lille to come to Barcelona to enjoy the sunshine. Multilingual (French, English, Spanish and Chtimis), he loves sports and has strong spikeball skills.

Sophie is Team Lead Front-End at papernest in Paris. A scout since the age of 7, she has developed a very strong fighting spirit, which allows her to take her team far and overcome challenges with brio! But don't be fooled by her "Rambo" side, she loves above all beautiful things and is very proud of her watercolour paintings (which nobody has seen yet). That's why she attaches particular importance to the user experience and the accessibility aspect of the papernest application!

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They have a dream: a world without paperwork. A world where administrative phobics are finally protected from the anguish of filling endless forms and paying late fees.

However, they won’t lie - a lot of work goes on to maintain this dream afloat. That's why they are looking for committed, creative and enthusiastic people like you to share their adventure.

Since 2015, they have been hard at work. In France, 3.5 million people move every year, and 76% of them still see this as a stressful event. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that papernest decided to begin by tackling this issue head on. As a result, they have created the only platform that allows people to transfer all their contracts when moving. The best part ? It’s 100% free and 100% online. Celebrating its fourth anniversary, papernest now employs over 200 people, has accompanied over 200,000 users, and has opened a brand new office in Barcelona.

The people at papernest think big: a fast-paced team bubbling with ideas and determination. They are set on achieving a future where our entire administrative life can be handled easily in just a few clicks.

What they are looking for

Initiative, resourcefulness and autonomy are core skills at papernest.

They’re looking for people who believe in making an impact, love numbers and aren’t afraid to think unconventional ideas. If on top of this, you play as hard as you work, you can give an immediate answer to the question “17 times 17” and you’re always down for a quick game of fusball then don’t hesitate: join papernest !

Good to know

Paper-party, paper-breakfast, paper-dinner... there are plenty of paper-daily-rituals !

The fitness lovers can join the prestigious futsal team (yeah!), get some yoga classes between noon and two or go for a jog by the Canal.

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