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Miuros believes that the future of customer service will evolve beyond problem-solving and will demand a more personalized and effortless approach for all.

Miuros seamlessly integrates with existing Customer Service Management technologies (Zendesk, Freshdesk, Saleforce) to bring customer service data to life and get actionable insights to streamline operations — and empower the whole company to create an outstanding customer experience.

Backed by an investment of more than 2.2 million euros, Miuros is growing internationally with customers all over Europe and the US.

Thanks to its real domain expertise, its close collaboration with research labs and its deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Miuros is recognized by Customer Service experts for solving real life problems.

What they are looking for

Miuros is looking for team players who like to support others and don’t fear the shaky startup environment. Miuros’ DNA is European, English is their official language not only because of the multiple nationalities in the team, but also because it is growing internationally, from the ground up.

Good to know

At Miuros, one of the co-founders is Spanish and lives in Lyon, the other one is Italian and lives in Spain and the third is a Frenchman that just came back from Berlin! Similarly, the whole team is composed of people from various parts of the world: France, England, USA, Russia and even Finland.

With offices in Paris and Lyon and with some members working remotely, the team never miss an opportunity to meet up regularly and share good times altogether!

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