• IT / Digitálne technológie, Organizácia / Manažment, Softvér
  • Lyon, Copenhagen, Geneva, Gothenburg, Madrid, Sophia-Antipolis, Turin, Zurich
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  • WE BELIEVE that campus relations are an essential lever of talent acquisition
  • WE EXIST to develop Mantu brand reputation inside of schools and universities thanks to our relationships with students and administrations
  • WE WANT to attract and hire the best talented candidates for Mantu and its brands.


We are looking for talented people who share our values; true intrapreneurs who want to learn and have responsibilities. We quickly trust our talents to develop projects. Agility and flexibility are at the heart of our development.

Students and recent graduates from business schools, engineering schools and universities, come acquire and develop skills as part of an international team.

Show determination and we will help you develop your strengths, ideas and initiatives. We believe in entrepreneurship and continuing education - Mantu offers unique career opportunities.


Let's meet directly at your campus during the various events organized during the year: forums, after work drinks events, conferences, workshops, training events, associative events, etc.

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The experience was so positive that I ended up signing a VIE contract with Mantu.

Florian SOTTEAU, Financial internship in Bucharest - ESSEC

I lived a truly international experience thanks to Mantu: living abroad, having colleagues of different nationalities and speaking to candidates from all walks of life.

Léa MARIN, Internship in Barcelona, KEDGE Business School

Working at Mantu not only improved my professional skills but also developed my soft skills.

Etienne BOURGEOIS, Stage au Vietnam - EMLyon

This experience really helped me understand what steps I should take to further develop my career

Julien DALLEMAND, Digital Marketing Internship in Barcelona - Luigi Bocconi