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Loft Orbital

Loft Orbital provides rapid deployment of any payload in orbit. Our end-to-end service includes assembly, integration and tests phases, launch campaign, in-orbit operations, data delivery as well as insurance and licensing. Using our universal interfacing technology, we offer the fastest path to orbit for our customers. Our mission is to make space simple for our customers, so that they can focus their critical resources on their payload development and exploitation of the data or services it provides without dealing with the underlying complexity of getting there.

Software-based Missions

We provide an on-orbit software hosting environment to augment missions or enable software demonstration.

Our product and business strategy emphasizes standardization over customization. This strategy is based on three elements:

  1. Develop the hardware and software abstraction layers to decouple payloads from the bus and operations.
  2. Use an identical, fixed satellite bus design for each mission.
  3. Bulk buy satellite bus hardware from a third-

Pay for Performance

  • Maximum flexibility using Service Level Agreements for any mission deliverables.

  • Pricing based on resources used.

  • Payment based on mission success.

Pay for Performance


Loft Orbital is a provider of space “Missions as-a-Service”.

Founded in 2017 at the heart of the Silicon Valley, Loft Orbital integrates, launches, and operates high-reliability and high-performance spacecraft. Loft Orbital’s approach is centered on enabling standardization to deliver reliable space missions with improved cost and schedule performance.

Loft Orbital’s spacecraft are typically configured as “rideshares”, meaning that multiple customers share the onboard resources of a 100-kg class microsatellite platform.

Loft Orbital is developing the interface technologies, which are both software and hardware, and is thus the first company in the space sector that marry tech and space domains. The French subsidiary, based in Toulouse, focuses on the R&D activities for the development of these technologies.

What they are looking for

Loft Orbital is growing his core team of developers for multiple lines of software products.

These products will enable clients to have full autonomy on the management of their mission, it will help the engineers to optimize the integration phases of the satellite (prior the launch) and to have an internal tool that gather all the data related to a mission (the Space GitHub, kinda).

Loft Orbital is looking for bright, talented and passionate people that come from the tech sector and that will bring their knowledge and creativity into the space domain.

Good to know

Loft Orbital is an international company with a multicultural team that comes from different backgrounds: this diversity is part of the core values of Loft.

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