After studying signal processing and computer science at Phelma Grenoble INP, she specialised in speech processing and Automatic Speech Recognition while working in the car industry.

She joined Lalilo as one of the first employees to start developing a speech recognition module so that students can read aloud on Lalilo.

After graduating from Centrale Paris, Ambre interned at Theodo as a web developer.

She went on to work on modernizing the French public sector as part of the “Entrepreneur d’Intérêt Général” program for 10 months, putting her experience and skills to good use. In a continuing search to contribute to society, Ambre joined Lalilo in December 2018 to revolutionize education using technology to make learning to read easier for students.

After graduating from École Polytechnique, Laurent sharpened his entrepreneurial skills at UC Berkeley.

After his return to France he created Lalilo with two schoolmates of his with the aim of fighting academic failure by providing children with a personalised path to reading.

Caroline is a Celsa graduate. She joined Lalilo after 15 years in Marketing and Communication at traditional companies. She discovered the social economy ecosystem in early 2019 while working as a volunteer.

From then on she decided to work in a company that plays a positive role in society. In September 2019, she joined Lalilo as the French Teacher Community Manager to fight alongside teachers against academic failure.

Pascal Julie est le responsable éditorial de Lalilo. Formé au management de l’édition (ESCP-Asfored) après un Master en sciences humaines (ENS Cachan), Pascal a plus de 10 ans d’expérience dans plusieurs groupes d'édition (Studyrama, Reed Elsevier, Lefebvre Sarrut, etc.). Son rôle est de coordonner le travail des membres de l’équipe éditoriale et pédagogique, et de construire avec eux la vision d'un produit toujours plus efficace en terme d'apprentissage différencié. Il aide également ceux-ci à structurer leur travail, en organisant les bases de données du contenu pédagogique et en s’assurant de la qualité de celles-ci.

Anh is a proud Lallilian whose focus is on anything People related. After working in the technology industry in the US and Singapore, Anh pursued a career in teaching yoga and English while calling 8 different countries home. With her diverse international experiences and open mindset, Anh decided to couple HR with education and joined Lalilo where she can contribute to a meaningful mission: help kids learn to read.

Her favorite thing about Lalilo? Going to the classroom and seeing kids smile and excited about reading thanks to Lalilo.

Hugo est développeur et responsable du recrutement dev. Issu d’une famille de professeurs, il a naturellement rejoint Lalilo après ses études car l’éducation est un sujet d’une importance forte pour lui.

Il a rejoint ce projet pour deux raisons. La première est sa conviction qu’un apprentissage différencié est la clé pour permettre à chaque enfant de progresser, d’atteindre ses objectifs et concrétiser ses rêves. La seconde est l’environnement de travail que Lalilo essaye de mettre en place pour tous ses collaborateurs. Il se veut bienveillant, basé sur la confiance et la responsabilisation de tous les employés, et Hugo souhaite participer à la construction de ce modèle d’entreprise nouveau. L’importance de développer un produit qui a un impact sur l’éducation lui tient à coeur. Il ne croît pas à la tech “pour la tech” comme on voit trop aujourd’hui selon lui, il pense qu’elle doit être utilisée pour le bien commun.


Lalilo is a virtual assistant which helps educators teach primary school students how to read.

The startup was launched in 2016 by 3 engineers from École Polytechnique, with the goal of ending illiteracy with AI. In France 20% of the students who graduate from elementary school (collège) can't read proficiently enough to keep up with the academic demands of the classroom. In the U.S, that number goes up to 30%.

By providing individualised learning to students they want to drive that number down to 0.

To reach this goal, they have brought together experts in pedagogy, teachers, designers and technologists who work hand in hand to build the best classroom tools for students and educators.

What they are looking for

We're looking for people who want to change education. Driven, honest, humble, passionate, benevolent and willing to learn.

Good to know

The pillars of Lalilo are:

  1. Transparency
  2. Trust
  3. Continuous learning
  4. No ego
  5. Board Games
  6. Lalilholidays, our special team retreat

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