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Kraaft est le nouveau Whatsapp de chantier, pour reconnecter le terrain des bureaux. On s'adresse principalement aux entreprises réalisant des Travaux Publics, celles qui font tout pour améliorer notre qualité de vie et qu'on ne remarque presque pas dans nos rues ! Elles réalisent les réseaux d'eau potable et d'électricité pour que l'on accède à ces ressources; et construisent de merveilleuses routes, ponts & autres ouvrages.

What they are looking for

People who share our 4 values

🌍 Grounded

The #1 value in Kraaft is "The Field" since our mission is to address frontline employees. If you want to explore our beautiful territories, and you are curious to discover under-digitised industries, join us!

🔥 Demanding

We are looking for brilliant minds, whatever their experience or their field of specialty. We thrive for multi-functions and ambitious employees. So if you don't see the job desc of your dream, reach out and we might create the job for you!

💨 Learning machines

People who love their job, and practice continuous improvement. We should all learn from others, give feedbacks, listen to podcasts or have lunch just for the pleasure of knowledge.

💧 Collective

Humane, humorous and open minds who care about others: otherwise none of the rest is worth it! We come from different backgrounds, genders, countries, sexual orientation, but we are all part of the same family (and hopefully for years).

Good to know

  • We love taking the train to go visit our clients anywhere in France <3
  • We offer autonomy and impact to all of our team members

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