Neo Technology Group

Neo Technology Group

Wellbeing at work

Make the most of your day by working from home…

Working from home has been part of the Neo Technology Group’s culture since 2013. People can work entirely remotely (with occasional trips back to the office) or can benefit from two days working from home on a weekly basis.

… or from some really nice office.

… or from some really nice office.

If you want to work from their offices, you’re right to be, they’re lovely! There are different spaces for brainstorming, taking a quick nap between two meetings or challenging your colleagues at a game of Playstation or Switch. Also, because croissants and coffee breaks are the foundation to a strong team, they have two different spaces, the Agora and the Square, allowing you to catch up with your colleagues over a cup of tea or coffee. Of course, the Agora is also where all the important presentations and parties are happening.

Innovation is in their DNA

The HR team keeps on innovating and improving their recruitment policy processes through recruitment challenges, coding games, external events. Each employee has their development plan, enabling them to grow into their role and have access to dedicated training. If employees are in want of a change, they also can change departments and try a new role within NTG!

Innovation is in their DNA

Team spirit



One thing you need to know about the people at Neo Technology Group: they love to celebrate. Everything. Everyday. You’ll often hear that they like to drink their own champagne. They celebrate their products; they celebrate their customers; they celebrate their people. “Work hard, party harder” is another thing you might hear! There are significant events like the summer party, the Christmas party or the yearly kick-off seminar; there are everyday events like surprise breakfasts. This is how they federate their teams: by having fun and creating memories.

Want to clear your head between meetings and tasks?

Whether you’re into sports, video games, or fun challenges, you’ll find all sorts of cross-department activities to do during your break or someone to accompany you running, climbing or join a football team. But don’t worry, there’s a shower in the office 😊 There are also board games, fussball tournaments and football prognostics competitions to help build the team spirit. All of that is what makes the work atmosphere and relationships unique at the Neo Technology Group.

Want to clear your head between meetings and tasks?

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

Their values

Their values

Respect is one of the key values at NTG, and they value diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Gender equality has long been part of who they are. It means equal pay for men and women, the same access to training, no discrimination in hiring, equal opportunities for promotion and a 40/60 breakdown in leadership positions.

Take the discussion further

As an employer, American Express Global Business TravelTM (GBT) empowers its employees to celebrate their differences and embrace them through different inclusion groups open to anyone:

WOW (Women of the World)

LEAGUE (LGBT+ Employees At GBT United in Equality)

Somos GBT, Latinos, Hispanos, Together

Ready and Able for differently-abled people

Gain, the Global Asian Inclusion Network

BEN (Black Engagement Network)

*All activities with an asterisk are impacted by the sanitary situation.


KDS is a world leader in business travel technology and has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry since 1994.

Also known as Neo Technology Group, KDS is part of the American Express Global Business Travel family.

Showcasing its creativity, KDS uses innovative technology to help both enterprise customers and end-users, developing revolutionary solutions to make their lives easier. KDS offers several solutions to simplify business travel and expense management. These products are aimed at many different industry stakeholders and involve a variety of technical environments, each with their own challenges, so there are plenty of opportunities to find your own path.

KDS supports companies of all sizes in both Europe and the US, offering end-to-end business travel management solutions.

KDS head offices are in Issy-les-Moulineaux, where an international team of over 200 employees work hard to develop the company’s award-winning solutions.

A few definitions:

  • Business travel: a niche sector that involves significant costs for businesses. In a company’s list of expenses, it often ranks second. Planning and managing corporate travel (client meetings, training, market development, etc.) is a complex process involving various stakeholders. KDS simplifies this process with the help of cutting-edge technology.
  • Expense management: this is a key pain point for every business traveller. All expenses incurred during travel must be reported, justified, approved and reimbursed. This is a time consuming process that involves managers, accountants and finance executives. A savvy, easy-to-use Saas-based solution helps make that process easier and more productive for companies of all sizes.
  • American Express Global Business Travel: Also known as GBT, it is the parent company of KDS. As the world’s largest business travel agency, GBT is deeply connected to an internationally recognized brand of card payment provider, American Express and has a legacy of providing exceptional value to corporate customers through a combination of industry-leading technology and complete travel management support. Neo Technology Group is a key part of the GBT technology strategy.

What they are looking for

At KDS, passion, curiosity and innovation are the order of the day. Above all, it’s about people who want to make a difference and to see their ideas come to life as part of an organisation that strives for excellence. Thanks to the quality of their decisions and their work, KDS employees are changing the business travel industry on a daily basis.

KDS encourages – both employees and customers – to take initiative and to work together as a team in a positive atmosphere. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the KDS strategy, and all employees have a part to play in making the difference.

Good to know

When you join KDS, you can enjoy:

  • A multicultural atmosphere, with employees from over 15 countries who all speak English in addition to their native languages.
  • The chance to make a difference in a company that focuses on employee development and motivation (certified by “Investors in People”).
  • Team events: seminars, company parties, KDS Academy, foosball tournaments, company updates and product roadmap presentations.
  • A strong company culture: shared values and a friendly atmosphere. KDS employees are well-known in the industry for working hard and having fun in equal measure! #WorkHardPlayHard
  • An ideal and flexible setup: a workplace designed for employee well-being, a favourable work-life balance, opportunities for telecommuting, and a company restaurant run by the catering firm Lecointre.

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