Alexandre has been a project leader for 9 years.

Before joining Infomaniak, he mainly worked in the online sector, creating websites for major companies. Before that, he was a player, coach and commentator in the world of e-sports (Starcraft 2).

At Infomaniak, his role is to participate in the development of the products under his responsibility: kDrive, radio and VOD. Day in day out, he is therefore responsible for implementing the new functions of these products in collaboration with the UX, development and support teams. He is also in direct contact with the customers (private individuals and SMEs), whose feedback and needs serve to define the roadmap for the functions to be implemented.

Nicolas took his first steps in the professional world with the MNSTR agency (brand strategy & storytelling), working for numerous brands including Warner Bros, Lacoste, Boucheron, Salomon to name but a few. By accompanying them in their different launches, he helped them write the next chapters in their history through interactive applications.

He then worked with major Swiss watchmaking companies before joining Infomaniak in 2015, where he now occupies the post of front-end development manager.

Together with his teams, he places the customer, the user experience and quality at the heart of everything he does. Playing a central role, he ensures that the teams working on a project display appropriate dynamics and communication.

Julien worked as a site manager in the field of industrial electricity for 10 years before being recruited by Infomaniak following the creation of the Data Center 3, during which he managed the site with regard to all electrical aspects.

He has acquired all his IT equipment management and energy management skills, as well as everything more or less relating to the data center, since his arrival at Infomaniak 5 years ago.

Boasting an accounting diploma, John worked for several companies before going freelance in the years leading up to his arrival at Infomaniak. He has nevertheless always had a keen interest in technology, dedicating a large part of his spare time to exploring this field.

By joining the company, he was not only able to make full use of his knowledge in the field of customer management, but also had the opportunity to combine his career with his passion in a dynamic team that shares his love of technology.

Olivier cut his teeth in several different services companies, specialising in administration of the Linux system and, more particularly, in cloud technologies. After 6 years very rewarding years at the CERN, where he successfully implemented the transition from the prototype to the production of an opportunistic OpenStack cloud dedicated to scientific calculations, Olivier wanted to move to an environment on a more human scale.

His wish came true in 2017, using all his experience to help take up the challenges raised by Infomaniak’s ambition.

Nicola worked in several private banks in the Lake Geneva area as a full stack development consultant.

He joined Infomaniak in 2015, sharing the experience he acquired within these multinationals. With an acute sense of customer satisfaction, he ensures the stability and development of the products managed within his team.

Guillaume, a computer engineer, arrived at Infomaniak as an intern where he was able to create the Swisstransfer product. Today he has joined the Workspace team to design, maintain and improve our tools (Mail, Contact, Calendar, Sms, Sync).

This positive sportsman gives dynamism and motivation to our teams.

A graduate in pure graphic design, Cristina decided to pursue a career in the world of digital technology and IT by following a course in mediamatics. Having displayed an interest in the world of Infomaniak for a number of years, she joined the PMO team in August 2020 as a UX/UI designer.

Self-taught and curious by nature, she continues to develop her competences in the field thanks to the supervision and unfailing support of her team. With a keen eye for detail, she likes her creations to be precise and well-structured with a view to developing solutions that meet the needs of Infomaniak’s customers.


Infomaniak is first and foremost a large family of web enthusiasts keen to develop European alternatives to the GAFAM.

An essential European cloud operator and Switzerland’s leading web technology developer, Infomaniak is dedicated proponent of an ethical and sustainable web which respects privacy and creates local jobs. From data center design to product development and the orchestration of cloud infrastructures, the company maintains end-to-end control of its value chain and is owned exclusively by its founders and employees.

This unique autonomous approach allows it to ensure the security, confidentiality and sovereignty of the data of more than one million users in over 208 countries.

Today, Infomaniak offers all the online services that businesses need to work online while ensuring their visibility and sustainable development.

What they are looking for

Self-taught or university graduates, Infomaniak is looking for ambitious individuals for whom the pursuit of excellence, critical thinking and the desire to progress are core concepts. They are energetic yet relaxed people who enjoy working in a convivial and stimulating environment. In addition to this, they enjoy waking up in the morning with the feeling of having real responsibilities and a genuine impact on the lives of thousands of users worldwide.

Good to know

  • A burgeoning company with values and exciting projects
  • Regular company excursions (skiing, cinema premieres, restaurants, visits to wine cellars, etc.)
  • A break room with games consoles, arcade games, pinball, table football, etc.
  • The possibility of working from home up to 40% of your work time
  • Flexible hours enabling you to reconcile your professional and private life
  • Up to CHF 1,500 / year depending on the means of transport you use (soft mobility)
  • Horizontal management which fosters self-reliance and a culture of initiative
  • The possibility of working standing up in the office
  • Complementary accident insurance covering treatment in a private clinic (LAAC)
  • Uncapped LPP salaries
  • A Tesla available for employees
  • Data centers that we own
  • The company has been committed to environmental issues since 2007

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