Harvest is a fast-growing fintech specialising in financial, asset and tax decision support software, with an average of 300 employees. Harvest is notably the creator of BIG, the reference wealth assessment software. With O2S, an application for aggregating and managing personal assets, Quantix, a range of simulators, and VIC, the digital solution for credit sales and instruction, Harvest is present alongside the entire profession (banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, independent CGPs, chartered accountants and notaries). Its employees hold the company's values high: commitment, reliability and passion. Harvest is also Great Place To Work® and they are very proud!

What they are looking for

Harvest mainly recruits 3 types of profiles to work on the production of its solutions: development experts, software quality experts and asset management/tax experts. Harvest is looking for candidates who will be able to participate in and contribute to the good working atmosphere. Working well together and in good humour is essential! Harvest's candidates are for the great majority executives who have graduated from engineering schools or have a specialised Master's degree. We are also open to short courses and atypical profiles. The essential point of your application: your passion for your job!

Good to know

  • Harvest is a solid company that continues to grow despite the health crisis.
  • They are based in Paris, Clermont-Ferrand and Sophia Antipolis in beautiful offices
  • You will join a tech for fin: agility will be your daily life, you will be able to contribute to communities of practice and participate in "Brown Bag Lunches" #conceptsympas
  • Very quickly you will be able to alternate office presence and teleworking.
  • They are looking forward to the end of the health crisis to revive afterworks, teambuilldings and team meals. #onnen can't do it anymore
  • The teams like to come to the office with their beautiful Harvest t-shirts.
  • They are sure you'll like them at home!

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