About Dalibor

Politics and history. These are two areas he is very interested in and could discuss these topics for hours and hours. Like most people, he likes to exercise and stretch his body after sitting at the computer or in meetings most of the day. In the summer, he likes to play tennis, go running or working out at the gym. He trains his mind as well as his body. In order to activate a completely different part of his brain than the one which he uses at work, he started playing the electric guitar again.


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Dalibor joined Exxon in 2007 as a student offering administrative support. Since then, he has been through five different jobs and tried both individual and managerial roles. All of them, however, required a high degree of commitment and leadership. Now he is in charge of a team of 9 credit analysts. Together they evaluate and monitor customers’ financial situation and analyze the industry and economy of the country where they conduct business. The company can then get a comprehensive view of the business contract which helps it make important business decisions.

New angle

While working for the company, He had a great opportunity to spend three amazing years in the Netherlands at the department dealing with payment operations. While in the Czech Republic they concentrated on customers’ solvency, in the Netherlands he communicated more with the banks and participated in setting up various payment systems. he also coordinated the transfer to SEPA payments. It was a huge project including the conversion of tens of thousands of accounts and preparation of the payment system so it would operate as required. It was a unique experience for him.

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