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Sébastien is a geophysicist graduated from the University of Paris VI and Montpellier II. 14 years ago, he cofounded Eliis, a cutting-edge software and service provider company in seismic interpretation, before becoming its CEO in 2019. His passion for geoscience and his technological expertise has led him to co-create the PaleoScanTM seismic interpretation software which, over the years, has gained worldwide recognition in subsurface geoscience solutions.

Today, Sébastien instils the strategic vision, energizes the development of the company and aims to accelerate Eliis international footprint by opening a fifth subsidiary. In parallel, he tirelessly works with his team to redefine and position Eliis as actor in the energy transition by opening and adapting PaleoScanTM technology to the new energy challenges such as carbon storage, hydrogen exploration and geothermal energy.

Teamwork is what Sebastien cherishes and nurtures for his team: “Success never comes alone, it takes teamwork effort and failure to make the dream work! Performance highly depends upon cohesion, openness, diversity and a taste for challenge”. He knows how the complementarity, collaboration and solidarity play a major role in any success. His passion for volleyball and his commitment as President of Montpellier Beach Volley is a good illustration of the importance of teamwork and cooperation in his own personal life too.

On top of that, he is always up for a tennis game or a jog in the pine forest of Clapiers at lunchtime, should you fancy joining him.

Emmanuelle is a geologist and sedimentologist by background with 15 years of international experience in the oil and gas industry. She has a master degree in Petroleum Geosciences and Reservoir geology from Nancy Engineering school (ENSG) and a master degree in Petroleum Geosciences major in Geology from IFP school. She has worked with major oil and gas companies where she has successfully held different roles from explorationist to reservoir geologist and specialist sedimentologist.

Through her previous positions she has been involved in many high priority projects, leading multidisciplinary teams to deliver integrated high quality results and allowing her to acquire competences in various domains.

She has joined Eliis at the beginning of 2021 as Product Marketing Manager where she is in charge of the promotion and the communication of Eliis’ seismic interpretation software PaleoScanTM .

Besides Eliis, Emmanuelle loves hiking, spending quality time in nature and traveling around the world with her family!

Sami graduated with a master’s degree in Software Engineering from Montpellier University. Following his graduation, he held various positions from software engineer, sales engineer and technical support within a motorized and architectural lighting management company. After this first experience, driven by technical challenges and the willingness to diversify his competences, he joined an energy company where he helped develop various electrical substations management solutions.

Sami joined Eliis in April 2021 to reinforce our software engineer workforce and support Eliis’ growth ambition. His main mission is to strengthen and improve our seismic interpretation software PaleoScanTM.

In his free time, Sami is a gaming enthusiast and he loves to be held in suspense by intriguing thriller books.

Marion graduated with a MSc degree in Petroleum Geoscience from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Geology (ENSG) in Nancy, France, and from the Imperial College of London. After a first experience as Software Product Manager within a company specialized in applied geostatistics, Marion joined Eliis in early 2019. She held various positions within the company from technical consulting, sales engineer to portfolio manager.

As part of our company transformation and growth, Marion developed into the leading role of Product Manager. Her main missions are to elaborate our company vision and turn it into reality, ensure the fulfilment of the product business objectives, nurture the projects portfolio and identify the customer needs.

Outside of work, Marion is pretty active! She grows a passion for trekking, trail running and recently cycling. She is also a diligent runner and she is always happy to bring along her colleagues to her favourite running track at lunch break.

Marc-Antoine holds a MSc degree in Geoscience for energy challenges from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Geology (ENSG) in Nancy, France. Before joining Eliis, Marc-Antoine worked with a major company in the energy sector as geologist.

Since March 2020, he is full time geologist at Eliis within the Geoservices department. His main tasks are to support and help our clients to find suitable solutions to their subsurface challenges, carry out complex geological studies and test the new functionalities of our software.

Besides work, Marc-Antoine is our French Indiana Jones! He is a huge collector of fossils and minerals, and he doesn’t hesitate to travel long distance to find typical – and rather rare - fossils. He is never reluctant to share his passion with his co-workers and listening to the story of his adventures is always enlightening and send you straight back to your childhood bedtime story!


Founded in 2007, Eliis delivers innovative solutions in earth sciences and more specifically in the interpretation of seismic images for a better understanding of the subsurface.

Eliis’ team of geologists, geophysicists, signal processing and computer engineers have developed PaleoScan™, a new generation of geoscience software, which pushes the analysis of seismic images in 2D and 3D to an unprecedented level of geological expertise. Eliis’ mission is to combine artificial and human intelligences, bringing together the automation provided by a modern software and the expertise of geoscientists. That synergy enables the creation of geological models of unmatched resolution directly from the seismic data. Eliis’ technology and methodology empower their clients to drastically reduce their interpretation cycles and increase their capacity to detect and accurately characterize geological reservoirs.

Over the years, Eliis has become an internationally recognized provider of subsurface geoscience solutions. Its technology, know-how and services are used around the world in many areas, from the exploration and production of fossil fuel energy, to renewable energy, like geothermal, and the strategic storage of hydrogen. Eliis’ disruptive technology is a key asset for stakeholders in limiting environmental risks and offering sustainable energy solutions.

Today, Eliis has a global footprint with offices in the main regions of the world and is broadening its scope to new markets by adding value to the whole geoscience realm.

Eliis’ success is based upon the high added value of its software PaleoScan™, cutting-edge expertise and close connections with clients and partners. Eliis is becoming an actor in the ecological transition offering solutions to the challenges of a sustainable future, gradually shifting from oil and gas exploration to geothermal energy, carbon sequestration and storage.

What they are looking for

Our multidisciplinary and integrated team tackles old and new challenges that energy providers face in a constantly evolving world by bringing suitable and low-cost solutions to each arising situation. Future energy demand for warmth, light, and power will be met more and more by developing alternative technologies for new energies empowerment. The road to discover, produce and optimize fossil and renewable energies are paved with challenges and opportunities that we are ready to embrace!

We are looking for committed people, highly motivated with the ambitious goal to make our future brighter! You should be able to be autonomous, collaborative and customer-oriented but above all open, curious and with a strong team spirit.

If you dream to integrate a human scale company with a strong international footprint, where commitment and collaboration go hand in hand with innovation and solidarity, don’t look anymore and join us!

Good to know

  • A perfect location : our office is located between sea and river. At Eliis, workplace well-being is a priority and often comes in pair with personal fulfilment. Whether you are a beach, mountain or river fan, happiness awaits you here!

  • A strong enthusiasm for sports: a pine forest nearby will allow you to awaken your potential during lunch break or after working hours. There is also multiple possibilities of joining sports clubs (CrossFit, gym, tennis, football, climbing etc..) in the vicinity of the office.

  • Get together events: we plan at least 2 team buildings a year

  • A big hearted team always ready to help each other and grow together!

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