Ekkiden Technologies

Ekkiden Technologies

IT / Digitálne technológie, Manažment zmien

Berne, Lyon, Madrid, Munich, Neuilly-Sur-Seine


The consulting world needs a new, more human, more modern, and more agile actor. This is the ambition that gave birth to Ekkiden in 2019. Today, this international consulting group is challenging traditions and bringing a large dose of innovation to its sector. Through its ecosystem of passionate, enthusiastic, and committed consultants, Ekkiden leads organisational, operational, and technological transformation projects in three areas: IT/Digital, Industry/R&D and Pharma/Biotech, mainly with large accounts and SMEs.

What they are looking for

5 values drive the Ekkiden teams:

  • Smarter together: they take seriously the famous "alone we go fast; together we go further!"
  • Never stop learning: their favorite phrase is "never go to bed without learning something new."
  • Move forward and change the game: meaning and impact are what motivate Ekkiden teams every day.
  • Do it with integrity: someone once said "be yourself, everyone else is already taken" and they found that cool!
  • Smile and shine: Ekkiden is a project where everyone can make a difference and shine, like a diamond.

Good to know

If the desire to give a new boost to the world of consulting was a key inspiration for the creation of Ekkiden, it was above all the desire to create a different working environment, one that would encourage fulfilment and freedom. Because, in this adventure, the human aspect has been the main driving force. Giving everyone the opportunity to unleash their potential, to build a professional project that suits them and to participate in the construction of a common, ambitious and international project based on technology was, and still is, Ekkiden's goal!

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