After having studied Geopolitics and History at Sorbonne University, then Sociology and Applied Economics at Dauphine University, and finally Finance at SciencesPo, Clarisse embarked on a 10 year long journey in investment banking, from Paris to New York. She has had various roles (research analyst, wealth management, Chief of Staff, export and trade, global coverage, etc.) at Goldman Sachs, BAML, and CA-CIB. She tried to kickstart an ecological payment app but ended up creating the first hydrogen group in French banking history, before leaving for Dfns.

She studied Information Security and Computer Science at Sorbonne Université, before getting her PhD in Cryptography from Ecole Normale Supérieure. She then went on working for Orange and Safran (IDEMIA) as R&D Engineer, became professor and lecturer at University Paris Diderot, Panthéon-Assas, as well as post-doctoral researcher at NTT and Polytechnique University of Hong-Kong. Houda has so far published more than 25 academic papers, of which 3 in post-quantum cryptography.

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Dfns is a cybersecurity company that builds custody SaaS protocol for web3 apps. Think of it as a developer tool providing secure cloud for crypto. They are on a mission to bring serenity to DeFi by eliminating new blockchain risks and making crypto transactions easier, faster, more affordable, and compliant with existing regulations.

Today, more than 100 companies such as Paxos, Bitgo, Kraken, Coinbase, ConsenSys, Galaxy, Blockfi, Metamask, Figment, Fidelity, and JP Morgan have registered on their waitlist to try out their product.

Founded in 2020 in Paris, Dfns is a startup incubated at Station F (awarded Future40), accelerated by Techstars and recognized DeepTech by the French Ministry of Economy. Our company is fully remote with offices in Paris, Amsterdam, New York, London, Stockholm, Sofia, and other cities.

What they are looking for

A modern tech company once said “no one loves process, they drive talent out”. We strongly disagree. We say that only process can help talent perform beyond imagination and push the boundaries of reality. Civilisation was built on ceremonies, habits, routines, discipline, guidelines and recipes. The Seven Wonders of the World would not have been possible without process. The Roman Empire conquered Europe and initiated globalisation not by mere talent, but by process. We want to work with people who understand this.

Good to know

  • Dfns is a remote first company. Everyone is welcome to work from home or while traveling, even if they have offices in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Sofia, and New York.
  • Teams get to meet in-person and foster meaningful connections through retreats and events such as meetups, seminars and conferences from Miami to Tokyo.
  • Training and coursework in crypto, blockchain, security, code, languages and other topics are paid for on-demand to encourage personal and professional growth.
  • Corporate material including MacBook Air/Pro and/or iMac, iPhone, and other types of equipment like screens, headsets, AirPods, and cables are provided on Day 1.

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