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Creative Dock

  • Digitálne technológie, FinTech/InsurTech, Inkubátor / Akcelerátor
  • Prague, Barcelona, Berlin, Kyiv, Milan, Munich, Neuilly-Sur-Seine, Vienna, Zürich
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Martin is the heart and soul of Creative Dock. He’s in charge of the company strategy, development, and happiness of his colleagues. It’s certainly true when he says that each day is different for him. All week long, he travels between the various European branches, looks for new investors, partners, and opportunities, and makes all the executive decisions.

What he enjoys the most is the work associated with the growth of a new start-up. It’s the phase when the project finally launches, finds its first customers, and requires one final push.

Despite his workload, Martin always makes time for sports. He enjoys competitive skiing – he trains daily and often races on weekends. During the winter season, Martin spends every Saturday on the mountain slopes.

Since autumn 2019, Pierre-Nicolas is responsible for the management and development of the French branch of Creative Dock located in the heart of Paris. His job is to bring the individual projects created by the company to the French market and to pave the way for Creative Dock in France.

Most of all, he likes to approach potential clients and try to understand their needs. He also enjoys searching for new niche markets in France ripe for implementing new projects and ideas. Everything has to fall in the right place at the right time.

Apart from his work, he loves his children and tries to actively spend time with them and engage in sports. When he has some time for himself, he likes to go kitesurfing.

New Yorker by birth, Edward moved to the Czech Republic more than 20 years ago. Before joining Creative Dock in 2013, he taught English and tried several other professions.

He leads a team of 15 to 20 people, which develops and designs innovative start-up projects for the clients. Edward makes sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone knows what to do. On top of that, he maintains the creative spirit of the team and is instrumental in the team’s innovative ideas. Edward keeps an open mind since the inspiration for new projects can come from anywhere.

He and his family live on a farm outside Prague. Edward spends his free time in rubber boots repairing fences and taking care of horses, sheep, and chickens.

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Creative Dock is a company builder. They create innovative projects for their clients from the ground up and launch them on the market. Among their “offspring” are more than 50 start-ups, which include Zonky, Mutumutu, Pointa, SingleCase, or HoppyGo.

Besides founding new start-ups, the company focuses on rebuilding processes and customer journeys in big corporations. They currently operate in 10 European countries employing roughly 350 people. The company develops new projects in several business sectors – they specialize in fintech, insurtech, eHealth, p2p sharing, and publishing among other things.

They believe in managing as much work as they can in-house as opposed to excessive outsourcing. Each project has its own team supported by in-house delivery teams (IT, UX, big data, blockchain, innovations, digital marketing, content, branding, and advertising). Thanks to that, they are able to remain in startup mode and execute the steps quickly without time-consuming processes.

They’re not fond of empty words but rather devote their energy to honest work. Their goal is to expand to other European countries, so they can offer their digital projects and scale the products fast across the continent.

Who Are They Looking for

They’re particular in choosing their candidates. That’s because it’s the employees who make the company what it is. They seek specialists who really want to make a difference, create, and try new things, not just sit and muse, but also stick to the task at hand. They value the courage to explore uncharted waters. Failure doesn’t scare them. They don’t make a fuss about it either – you should be ready to take risks which includes failing, learning, and trying again.

Every employee has to be the right fit for the team both in terms of their mindset and attitude towards life and work. That’s why they’ve implemented bootcamps, as they call it, where one can try working in Creative Dock for two days with all that it entails. You get the opportunity to participate in ongoing projects right away, try out specific tasks, even go for lunch with your potential new colleagues. If the chemistry is right, the doors to the company are open to you – you don’t need any other interviews.

What's Good to Know

Traveling and working abroad are no empty promises at Creative Dock. Anyone could get the opportunity to set out to one of the company’s foreign offices to gain new experience. The management will be happy to help them move and arrange the essentials.

Sport, health, and well-being are an important part of the culture at Creative Dock, with people frequently riding a bike or running to work. A few more things you should know? The atmosphere is rather informal, the work hours are flexible, and open communication is more than just a buzzword.

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