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Our BlaBlaPrinciples

BlaBlaCar has a uniquely international, diverse and friendly culture to offer. As we grow across markets and countries, we rely on a set of six BlaBlaPrinciples to guide our everyday interactions and behaviours, and to ensure we stay true to our core mission along the way. Together, these principles are the foundation of our company culture.


Be the member.

To understand our members and have empathy for their needs, we’re active users of our services. We offer free bus and carpooling to our employees in order to receive product feedback and continuously improve our award-winning customer service.

Share more. Learn more.

We have a strong culture of sharing and transparency. Our weekly BlaBlaTalks and Tech Demos, regular international weeks across offices, and a best-in-class onboarding experience ensure constant professional and personal growth.

Fail. Learn. Succeed

Innovation is about taking risks and accepting that failure is part of the story. Everyone is encouraged to take calculated risks, and to openly communicate their failures, big or small, so we can collectively learn and be stronger as a result.

Dream. Decide. Deliver

We dared to dream of a travel solution that didn’t exist. Come dream with us during one of our regular Coding Nights or brainstorming sessions. With our culture of trust & autonomy, our dreaming comes with the boldness to decide, and the diligence to deliver.

Be lean. Go far.

To us, being lean means that as a company, we manage our resources efficiently to sustain our long-term growth. In our product, we aim for simplicity to offer a seamless user and travel experience.

Fun & Serious

With our high-performing & result-driven culture, there’s always room for celebration. We love our BlaBlaBreak retreats, BlaBlaShows (we’ve got talent!), weekly breakfasts and afterworks, team-building activities, and we never forget to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

BlaBlaCar & the Environment

BlaBlaCar's carbon-saving network

Sustainability is in our DNA. BlaBlaCar was founded on the idea of filling empty seats on the road, for more efficient travel. Find out about how our carbon-saving network is making the world of transportation more eco-friendly.

Sustainability at the office

Our impact on the environment extends much beyond the world of travel. Find out about all the initiatives happening in our office life to increase our positive impact on the environment.

  • Recycling, composting, commitment to a plastic-free office (Paris HQ)
  • Daily organic fruit baskets (Paris HQ)
  • Regular speakers invited to talk about social & environmental topics
  • A green newsletter for information on sustainability and upcoming events
  • ‘Impact Days’ where teams come together for forest clean-ups and other on-the-ground initiatives
  • Tree-planting to celebrate newbies
  • And so much more!

BlaBlaCar & social connection

Carpooling also creates a unique space, enabling exchanges between people who might have never met otherwise but who come together to share a ride. Here’s what our members say: