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Headed by our two co-founders Ludovic Bordes and Kevin Vitoz, the Arenametrix teams are organised around three major units:

The Tech, Data and Product teams, whose mission is to deliver and develop the solutions developed by Arenametrix (technical choices, expression and analysis of needs, implementation of APIs, deployment of new features).

The Business Development and Customer Success teams are responsible for acquiring, onboarding and supporting new customers as well as those already in the Arenametrix community.

The Marketing team which is in charge of lead generation through the creation of content and the management of face-to-face and virtual events.


Employee breakdown

  • Administration


  • Business development & Customer success


  • Tech


  • Product


  • Marketing


Tech Team

The Tech team relies on a strong technology backbone to support the development of the Arenametrix tool along with the company's growth.

This involves integrating data into the database from A to Z: thinking about technical choices, analyzing needs, setting up APIs, implementing tests and developing new functions.

"Our tech team is committed to delivering the best possible data quality while developing new versions of Arenametrix. All this in an environment of growth that requires a high level of responsiveness to meet scalability challenges."

The Business Development and Customer Success Team

The Business Development and Customer Success teams are made up of people who are passionate about their respective markets. This expertise is put to good use when prospecting and supporting clients.

The markets are divided as follows

  • Professional sports (clubs, federations, sports competitions)
  • Entertainment venues (theatres, festivals, concert halls, producers)
  • Visitor and leisure venues (museums, zoos & amusement parks, tourist activities)
  • International (divided by geographical area: UK & Ireland, Benelux, German speaking countries, Southern European countries, USA & Canada).