Irse a trabajar a...

  1. Irse a trabajar a Girona

    Irse a trabajar a Girona

    Mar y montaña, un sinfín de atractivos turísticos, gran oferta cultural y gastronómica... Toma nota de todo lo que ofrece esta ciudad mediterránea.

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  2. Irse a trabajar a Madrid

    Irse a trabajar a Madrid

    Además de su interesante arquitectura, vida nocturna y cultura gastronómica, la economía madrileña ha ido ganando importancia en los últimos años.

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  3. Work in Barcelona: François

    Work in Barcelona: François

    Originally from Belgium, he left his job at Google in San Francisco to move to Barcelona with his wife, where he decided to open his own bakery.

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  4. Work in Barcelona

    Work in Barcelona

    Considering relocating to Barcelona? Let’s have a look behind the scenes to understand what it takes to be a happy expat in Barcelona.

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  5. Work in Barcelona: Amy

    Work in Barcelona: Amy

    Born and raised in Canada, Amy moved to Barcelona to change career by retraining as a software developer. Here's her expat experience of the city.

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  6. Irse a trabajar a Pamplona

    Irse a trabajar a Pamplona

    Un magnífico entorno urbano, un gran ambiente universitario y una de las tasas de desempleo más bajas de España hacen de Pamplona un destino ideal.

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  7. Irse a trabajar a Santander

    Irse a trabajar a Santander

    Santander ha sabido unir tradición y tecnología y se ha convertido en una 'smart city' de referencia. Así es trabajar en la capital cántabra.

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  8. No Money? No Problem!

    No Money? No Problem!

    It’s the end of the month and you’re in the red… Fear not! Here are our tips for where to head when you need to enjoy Barcelona on a budget.

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  9. Barcelona's Hidden Gems

    Barcelona's Hidden Gems

    Vibe-filled rooftops, a cactus garden and crowd-free beaches: We asked locals and expats to give their picks of where you’ll find the real flavour...

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  10. Hub It Up!

    Hub It Up!

    We spoke to Cecilia Tham, the cofounder of Makers of Barcelona (MOB), to know what it takes to open a hub and why she settled in the Catalan capital

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  11. Remote Mode – Activated

    Remote Mode – Activated

    Looking for a cozy place to work remotely? Here are our top coworking spaces in town.

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  12. Learning the Office Lingo

    Learning the Office Lingo

    It’s Monday morning and you’re headed to work. Should you say ¡Buenos días! or ¡Bon dia! upon arrival?

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  13. How to Land Your Dream Job in Barcelona

    How to Land Your Dream Job in Barcelona

    An HR expert explains local professional etiquette and provides the key to finding and winning over your potential future employer.

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  14. What to Expect When Raising Kids in Barcelona

    What to Expect When Raising Kids in Barcelona

    If you’re thinking of relocating to the city with kids or planning to start a family once you’re settled, here are a few things to bear in mind.

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  15. Hack the City

    Hack the City

    Here's our curation of vital press, apps, podcasts as recommended by locals and expats, to help you navigate the city and get the most out of it

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  16. Managing Your Money in the Catalan Capital

    Managing Your Money in the Catalan Capital

    Moving to another country can be daunting. When it comes to your money, make sure you’re up to speed on the banking options and tricks of the trade...

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