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At Yousign, we are reinventing the electronic signature experience with a fast, legal, secure and 100% European SaaS solution. 🖊⚡

Founded in 2013 by Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset in Caen, our scale-up is now present in France 🇫🇷, Italy 🇮🇹 and Germany 🇩🇪 !

Our goal? To become the European leader in electronic signatures by enabling freelancers and SMBs, to simplify their workflows. 🤸♀️

🚀 In order to achieve this…

  • 2019: we integrated into the eFounders, one of the best SaaS start-up studios in Europe,
  • 2021: we raised 30 million euros from the eFounders and Lead Edge Capital, famous for having invested in BlaBlaCar, Asana, Zoom, Spotify and Uber.

We offer two e-signature solutions:

  • a web app, ready to use and accessible from anywhere,
  • an API (Application Program Interface), which can be easily integrated into business softwares

At this time, Yousign is :

  • more than 200 yousigners in our offices in Paris and Caen, or in full-remote (+40% are working remotely) 👦 💻
  • more than 18,000 customers who trust us on a daily basis 🤝
  • over 4 million signatures every month 🔝
  • An impressive annual growth rate, which makes us the most successful e-signature scale-up in Europe 🇪🇺

What they are looking for

Yousign is the result of a rich history:

…of friendship (our co-founders Luc and Antoine), ...of talents (all our teams 💕), ...of a powerful desire to democratize the use of e-signature in everyday life!

To join us in this fabulous collaborative adventure, you will need tenacity, humility, ambition and a strong sense of team spirit 😊 Are you convinced? Come and speak with us!

Good to know

At Yousign, we want to advocate for the well-being of our employees, so that the collaborative adventure we just talked about 😉 👆 is as fulfilling as possible.

That’s why we offer:

  • flex office. Phenomenal offices in Paris, at the Place de la Concorde, and on the marina of Caen, the historical headquarters of the company. ⛵Full-remote is possible for a large part of the teams,

  • asynchronous work. We communicate both synchronously and asynchronously with tools that make this distance more pleasant: Slack, Notion, Discord, Google Workplace, etc.

  • unifying team building. We all meet together to exchange formally but also for fun!

  • sports. Many yousigners like to be energized by doing sports activities or even competitions together or individually,

  • ecology. We advocate the "0 paper" policy, the use of compost, public transportation...and many other things! We also have a partnership with Ecotree: for every 10 clients we plant a tree to reduce our carbon footprint. Today, this represents more than 1,200 trees.

  • Gender Equality Index 85/100

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