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Past and future

Our story

Our story

Welcome to the Jungle was founded in 2015 by Jérémy Clédat and Bertrand Uzeel, with the initial mission of bringing fun back to job seeking. Today, with more than 3,000 business customers throughout France and two million unique website visitors, Welcome to the Jungle goes much further, being positioned as a true media company for the job market. The company has raised nearly 30 million euro to finance the growth of its projects and teams. It has had a presence in the Czech Republic since 2018, following the acquisition of Proudly, a local media company specialising in jobs.


Founding of the company


Acquisition of Proudly in the Czech Republic


Adoption of the four-day work week


of employees in full remote


Raised since 2015



Our vision

At Welcome to the Jungle, we firmly believe that the greatest asset businesses have can be found in their teams. We develop a suite of products that deepens the relationship between a company and its employees. That’s what we strive to create with WelcomeKit, Welcome Home and Welcome Originals. To meet these challenges, we are actively hiring for all of our teams: Business, Product, Tech, Marketing, Content and Operations.

Our vision

Commitments and CSR

In July 2020 we received B Corp certification, which required us to meet high standards in five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment and Community. This certification reflects our intention to become a company that makes a positive impact. Everything was subject to intense scrutiny: governance mode, transparency with staff, employee shareholders, choice of suppliers, and much more. Every day, we continue to challenge ourselves on these questions in order to become even better in the future. One of the things that we’re most proud of is that this project was initiated by an internal team of volunteers.

We now have a local, cooperative supplier of 100% renewable electricity for all of our Paris offices.

Thomas, Social Media Manager

Corporate culture at Welcome to the Jungle

The culture at Welcome to the Jungle is, first of all, about having a caring work environment. We create a positive setting where everyone can express their potential to the fullest, be creative and have a strong impact on our corporate project.

Noëlla, Chief People Officer