Senior Sales Executive

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    Senior Sales Executive

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    • Fecha de inicio:  
    • Paris
    • Teletrabajo a tiempo partial
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    • > 4 años


    Worklife is the first fintech to disrupt the Employee Benefits Programs, bringing them all together on a single app, combined with a single payment card for greater ease of use.

    To carry out our mission, we count on our +90 employees worldwide who are highly motivated and guided by common values (Care, Challenge, Curiosity).

    Job description

    Your role

    Worklife is looking to expand rapidly on the french market. As Senior Sales Executive, you will play a vital role in Worklife’s growth.

    We are looking to recruit an experienced & skilled sales professional able to grow the sales pipeline, but, more importantly, we want to recruit a fit for the team.

    We expect a high level of commitment and initiative paired with conscientiousness and a professional appearance. In return, you can expect a steep learning curve, a good salary, exciting networks and a strong team with a long-term vision. We want to solve issues together and celebrate successes accordingly.

    You’ll adapt and grow with us and soon taking on new challenges and responsibilities in your role.

    Your duties :

    • Mentoring sales team members
    • Identify potential customers and set approach strategies
    • Develop solid and long-term client relationships
    • Act as the liaison between clients and account executives
    • Resolve issues and handle complaints quickly and effectively
    • Negotiate contracts and close agreements
    • Support sales team and clients with new features and product launches
    • Get feedback and suggest ways to increase customer engagement

    As a member of the team, you are also the guarantor of our values:

    • Care: help your colleagues, coach, show, be exemplary and listen, be proactive and transparent;
    • Challenge: ask all the questions, understand the why and how, be daring, contribute to the success of the company, never give up;
    • Curiosity: keep an eye on the competition, technologies and eco-system. Try new things and learn!**

    Why join Worklife ?

    Joining Worklife today is an excellent opportunity for growth and career development in a very dynamic structure. You will actively participate in the next stage of Worklife, which is coming up soon 🔥.

    Salary & Benefits :

    • A very flexible remote work policy ;
    • A remuneration package reviewed annually ;
    • 1 month’s paternity/maternity leave 100% paid by Worklife if the country where you reside doesn’t provide it.

    And if you reside in France :

    • The Worklife VISA card, with:
    • Meal vouchers (8.50€/day worked)
    • Sustainable mobility (500€/year)
    • Care services (100€/month - 150€/month for parents)
    • Excellent mutual insurance (Alan)

    Mission & Challenge :

    After solid growth in the BtoC segment, supported by leading investment funds, and a top
    team, come and participate in the next stage of our development in the BtoB segment, which will be 🔥

    Career & Evolution :

    Sharing, challenging and learning are the values that will guide your career and evolution at Worklife.

    Culture & Environment :

    • A great working atmosphere
    • Teambuilding once or twice a year
    • Pleasure and pride to use our own product daily
    • A pleasant working environment: a great office in the heart of Paris, Hong Kong & Kiev

    Preferred experience

    The offer is for you if you have…

    • Proven work experience as a Senior account executive
    • Solid experience with CRM software and Google Suite (particularly Google Sheet)
    • An ability to understand and analyze sales performance metrics
    • Excellent communication skills & a passion for sales
    • Strong analytical and negotiation skills
    • Business acumen with a problem-solving attitude
    • Thorough understanding of marketing and negotiating techniques
    • Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
    • Aptitude in delivering attractive presentations
    • Near-Native-level fluency in French & fluency in English

    Recruitment process

    Please reply to this ad with the following 3 bullet points (no cover letter!):

    • A (short) summary of your experience
    • The reasons why Worklife should hire you
    • Something original or interesting about you!

    We then have a 5 steps recruitment process:

    1. Manager meeting with Grégoire, our Head of Sales Enterprise
    2. A business case
    3. Presentation in front of Grégoire and Damien, VP Sales
    4. HR Meeting
    5. Team fit

    Meet the team

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