Waga Energy

Waga Energy


Waga Energy produces Renewable Natural Gaz (also known as biomethane) by upgrading landfill gas through its patented WAGABOX® technology. The RNG produced is injected directly into the gas grids to substitute fossil-based natural gas.

Waga Energy operates eleven WAGABOX® units in France and eleven more units are under construction in France, Spain, Canada and in the United States.

Each project initiated by Waga Energy contributes to the fight against global warming and helps the energy transition.

What they are looking for

Commitment, audacity and cooperation are the values Waga Energy carries.

Because of its commitment to the fight against climate change, Waga Energy wishes to hire people who share its values and want to professionally commit to the production of Renewable Natural Gas. To support its rapid growth, Waga Energy looks for all types of profiles: technicians, engineers, sales representatives...

If the company, its values and its commitments appeal to you, send in your application and join the Wagateam to build together a sustainable future trough the production of renewable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions!

The members of the Wagateam may sometimes visit the plants or the constructions sites all around France.

Good to know

Each week, the entire team gathers for a meeting called "Wagazette". During this meeting, the different departments of the company share the important subjects they are working on.

Every now and then, the different departments organize team building activities in order to improve communication and cohesion in between departments.

At Waga Energy, you can also enjoy friendly moments with your co-worker around board games, the ping pong table or a foosball game.

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