Quentin started TokyWoky 5 years ago with his co-founders Tim and Raphael. He first studied law at Sciences Po Paris before quickly realizing that building things that didn’t exist was what he wanted to do. That’s when he decided to focus on the ins and outs of community building and the new relationship paradigm between customers and brands. Quentin oversees TokyWoky’s vision and product, including the development of the brand community platforms.

With her digital agency experience, Maïté was one of TokyWoky’s earliest employees. She created the Customer Success team and is heading a team of 6 today. She interacts with TokyWoky’s customers every day, and helps brands build and navigate their community. Maïté is a big fan of gardening & home decoration. She has a definite hand in the look and feel of the offices at TokyWoky.

Julien joined the dev team at TokyWoky 3 years ago after finishing his master’s degree. As a Full stack developer, he is instrumental in conceptualizing and developing the products and its new features. In the breakroom, he likes to debrief the latest NBA games over a coffee.


TokyWoky is a startup specialized in community software.

They are building unique community platforms that help brands and retailers gather, retain and activate passionate customers on their eshop.

There’s 28 people on the team today, based in Paris, and they’re working with over 130 brands on their community strategy.

What they are looking for

TokyWoky is looking for curious, creative people who are looking for a challenge. Joining the team means:

  • Getting a lot of freedom and responsibility from day 1
  • Working closely together with colleagues who want to excel in their field
  • Joining a welcoming and kind team

Good to know

TokyWoky, that’s also:

  • Over 130 clients in 12 pays
  • Every 2 weeks, a « Beer & Metrics » where new product features, client feedback and marketing/sales campaigns are presented to the whole team
  • Strategy off-sites and teambuilding moments all year long

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