Tiama inspection worldwide

Tiama inspection worldwide

Benoit is the TIAMA's CEO since Oct. 2021, after occupying the General Director position for a year and counting a 20-year experience in the group as a total. With a degree from EM LYON Business School (France) obtained after a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the North East University (USA), and with an entrepreneurial experience, he joined SGCC (now TIAMA) in the hollow glass industry in 2001 as a Sales Area Manager for Russia and Asia.

Passionate by International business, by a tailored-made-project approach for glassmakers, and committed to promote the sustainable and ecological side of the glass packaging, he has continued to evolve all along his career. He faced the changing environment throughout the group growth and acquisitions always taking up the challenge. Father of 3 children, he is a big rugby fan, he also likes to play competitive tennis when his international missions allow it.

Justine joined Tiama as a Talent Development Manager after having evolved for nearly 10 years in industrial and international environments (chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices). Passionate about human resources, she specializes progressively in HR development missions by accompanying all teams, in France and internationally, in the service of collective success!
At Tiama, her mission is to develop and structure a harmonized talent management strategy for all Tiama group entities in order to meet growth objectives, while developing the confidence of its customers!

Christophe is the cost & performance leader in the Finance & IT department at Tiama. With an engineering degree, he started at Tiama 20 years ago as an image processing & real time developer. His career at Tiama led him through multiple lives such as project leader and industrialization manager positions and enabled him to be based in China, in the United States and... in Lyon. With a broad vision of the Tiama process, he is committed to combine business experience and financial objectives to optimize cost control and operational performance.

Emilie has been in charge of Quality & Safety missions at Tiama for 1 year.

With an engineering degree and a master's degree in Quality, Safety and Environment Management, Emilie started her career in the textile industry, medical devices and transport of hazardous materials before joining the engineering department.

She is committed to making organizations more efficient and effective by working hand in hand with all the company's departments. Her objective: to make everyone adhere to and imbue them with the culture of continuous improvement.

She is passionate about scuba diving and joins the sea bed at every opportunity.

Stéphanie has always had a passion for foreign languages and very early on she made it a point of honour to speak three of them. But that's not enough, she also needs to understand how the company and the world around it work.

After studying at the IEP in Grenoble in the economic and financial section, she fine-tunes her export profile with a Master 2 in International Business. In 2004, she joined the metallurgy sector at Tecumseh Europe, and trained as a commercial assistant in countries such as Iran and Greece. In 2007, she seized an opportunity at Tiama and joined the team as export coordinator for Latin America.

During 10 years, she deepened her knowledge of logistics and commercial relations. In 2018, when a position was created in Supply Chain to manage the flows with the American subsidiary, she didn't hesitate and seized her chance.

As logistics coordinator, she manages import/export flows in collaboration with the American and Chinese teams. She acts as a link between the teams at head office and in the subsidiaries, sets up a logistics watch and manages tomorrow's logistics projects.

Christophe joins Tiama in 2011 as a service provider. He arrives to reinforce the HMI development team for the MX4 machine shortly before its factory release.

After 3 years dedicated to this innovative project, Christophe works on various projects such as the implementation of the future HMI architecture in close collaboration with the technical leader.

Convinced that the Agile method can help us in our developments, he pushes to deploy it on one of our projects. After this successful implementation, Tiama entrusts him with the deployment of the Agile method at Tiama.

For more than a year now, his main challenge has been to continue the good deployment and progress of the Agile method at Tiama.

Shannon has been an IT Technician at the Maumee office (USA) for 3 years.     

She has aways had diverse interests. After earning a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication (telephone and computer networking) from the Michigan State University Honors College, she pursued opportunities in marketing, sales operations, and process improvement. She has focused her career on IT since 2016. With this variety of experience, she is committed to making the appropriate IT tools available to users so that they can put their best efforts into Tiama. She enjoys conducting training sessions and helping users make the most of their hardware and software. Enthusiastic about self-improvement, she is always working on a quest. Currently, her goal is to read every book that has won a Hugo.

Born in Sweden, Jesper experienced in childhood multiple travelling experiences such as for example one year in Nigeria. This international background developed from the start his interest in life abroad.

After 5 years working with medical equipment such as anesthetic machines, ECG and gas analyzers on supplier side as well as in hospital operating theatres he decided to change scenery to the less restricted glass and automation industry to nourish his strong passion for experimental technology, core logic and functional systemization.

He shares his time between family, travel and work and thrives in experiencing different parts, food and cultures of the world. Happily married since 19 years ago and together they have two lovely daughters and a dog. Jesper used to be very into sports but nowadays it's more about enjoying relaxed and easy-going living being the huge BBQ and golf enthusiast he is.


TIAMA – an international market player conceiving quality and process control solutions. Its greatest strengths, namely technical expertise, innovative approach, and market credibility, allow Tiama to offer solutions that go far beyond the simple control of defects in glass packaging (bottles, vials and bottles). Tiama's know-how is based on its ability to produce, in real time, strategic data and recommendations that enable glass makers to :

  • Produce glass bottles with a level of quality required by the market
  • Improve their productivity (the pack-to-melt ratio): ratio between molten glass and packaged glass for sale).

The Smart Factory, also known as Industry 4.0, is a central concept for the company. Indeed, the production process allows to collect a large number of data that, when assembled, is a powerful source of knowledge.

Tiama helps to enhance this information and to promote automation. The compilation of all its expertise (intelligent software, process monitoring in the hot-end, traceability, inspection, and customer service) allows it to begin preparing the technological environment necessary for the establishment of this Smart Factory. It therefore develops its data analysis capabilities.You'll never perceive the glass bottles the same way.

What they are looking for

Tiama is looking for :

・ Motivated and committed persons who will actively participate in its development. ・ TeamMates who like to build and push ambitious projects together with a strong team spirit. ・ Employees who will really enjoy working together.

Discover business profiles :

・ The Sales department with extensive expertise of the overseas export, financing tools, a maximum of multiculturalism and customers in more than 79 countries.

・ The R&D department with experts in optics, electronics, mechanical, validation, computer (HMI, image processing and real time).

・ The Supply Chain department with an expertise in international sourcing, lean manufacturing, WMS management of warehouses.

・ The Industrialization department with the ability to manage a fabless production process (virtuous outsourcing of production), traceability of components and nomenclatures (60,000 references).

・ The Structural departments, including the finance, human resources and management with expertise in external growth and consolidation.

Good to know

Tiama gives its teams the opportunity to (re)discover themselves twice a year during internal events for... 250 people.

Here is a brief overview of some of the themes already covered: the "Glass n' Roses" concert (organized and animated by us for us), the "Vigital Party" (when the Vintage meets the Digital), the "Surprise Party" (when Brazilian dancers announce the Brasilian theme), the “Summer camp”, the “Winter Games”, the “Grill n’Chill” and the last born in late January 2020 the "Tiama Butterfly Effect".

Good to know:

  • Depending on your position, the company offers casual home-office opportunities.
  • Sports enthusiasts and joggers are welcome at lunchtime, with the disposal of a cloakroom and showers so that they can get back to work at their “best”.

And the word Tiama actually means a high-growth African tree.

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