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What community ?​ 👇

Being a Forkie means above all being part of a community that shares the same values, creating and participating in projects that are important to us.​❤

What values ? 👇


To build a company that wins, we need: clarity around one mission, ambition to drive our organization forward, focus on the most impact we can make, accountability to ourselves and to our colleagues, and to dare to break the rules. Cultivating an owner mindset at every level of the Company keeps up the positive momentum that brought us here today and will continue to fuel our future success.


It’s easy to think that restaurants are all about food. But really, they’re all about people. We believe that strong relationships matter — whether it’s between managers and their teams or amongst team members. We believe that we can only succeed when we work together.


Our industry moves fast. We always keep learning in order to adapt to new challenges, new technologies, and new ways of thinking. We encourage every employee to be humble and curious, to try new things, to learn from failures, and to adapt and grow.


Transparency allows our team to move faster and more efficiently. It builds trust between our teammates as well as our customers and partners. We always seek to keep our teams informed, not just about what we’re doing, but why we’re doing it. We celebrate our wins and learn from our failures. We share all of our results, good and bad. We share the important information with others, so that we can accelerate common knowledge, cross-team collaboration, and trust.


We believe in fast decision-making and execution. Our time is our most precious resource and we know that the best way to learn is to make fast decisions without sacricing long-term quality.


We develop true empathy for our customers and establish a permanent, systematic listening process to understand their needs.

What are the projects of Forkies ambassadors ?


→ Rise Against Hunger

36000 ? It’s the number of meals packed for schools in undernourished areas to encourage families to bring their children for education.


→ Aurore

70? It’s the number of Forkies who volunteered to help the Aurore association rehabilitate an emergency shelter for refugees.

→ Special Days 🌈

All occasions are good to celebrate our diversity and our Forkies employees while communicating about important causes, here are some examples:

How do we support our partners ?👇

→ By sticking together in tough times

TheFork has invited its partner restaurants and users to download the Phenix app, which helps fight waste in March 2020. This has allowed our partners to avoid waste and our users to support their favourite restaurants.

TheFork has also introduced a new initiative to help support the restaurant industry with the launch of Save Our Restaurants: ​​. The new platform aims to provide immediate relief for restaurants currently facing enormous financial pressure due to the COVID-19 crisis. Through this website, diners can support their favourite restaurants, by purchasing a voucher to use when the restaurant later reopens

→ By raising our consumers' awareness regarding the respect for the environment

The Fork has teamed up with FiG, the label of eco-responsible restaurants, to promote committed restaurants and promote sustainable food. Thanks to this partnership, all consumers attentive to the content of their plate will be able to recognize, in a few clicks, the restaurants concerned with the environment.

There are plenty of projects , TheFork in addition to proposing projects continuously, adapts itself to the context of the market at the local or global level. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to visit our website​ ​ 👇


Much more than a booking site, TheFork is a true urban and community gastronomic guide that brings together more than 1000 Forkies!

Leading online restaurant reservation site in Europe, TheFork has been part of the Tripadvisor group since May 2014. They operate and hire in, no less than, 12 countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Argentina, UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway… And 12 countries that share the same Fork, it’s a lot of tables, thousands of good moments to share and wonderful opportunities!

What they are looking for

Behind TheFork, there is a team of many personalities and talents, from salespeople to geeks, from burger fans to cassoulet lovers… with a common goal, to become the leading online restaurant reservation site in the world. 

Web designer, Business analyst, Project Manager, Account Manager… there is something for every taste here.

TheFork team aims to inspire and enable people to confidently discover experience and share food. We operate under a shared set of values that define how we do business and how we interact with our colleagues, our partners, our customers and our food community.

We strongly believe that building a diverse workforce of people from all walks of life helps us have a richer, more vibrant, more successful workplace. #ActLikeAnOwner   #WeReBetterTogether #WeNeverStopLearning #WeLoveOurCustomers #SpeedWins  #WeBelieveInTransparency

Good to know

Be a team player 🎯🏆

  • Board games during lunch break
  • Online Gaming Tournaments
  • Connoisseur clubs: Music, Wine, Rum, (...)
  • Battle of nerves in open space!
  • Participation in charities

Pay attention to your well-being 🙏💆♀

  • Swedish gym online every week!
  • Advantageous sports membership (bike, bootcamp, yoga etc.)
  • Runners team
  • Massage on Friday
  • Daily delivery of fresh and dried fruits

Above all be a foodie 🥑🍕

  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • Breakfasts to celebrate new Forkies and birthdays
  • Afterworks, even in video
  • MasterFork Challenge: Cooking Contest

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