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For more than 15 years, Arnaud has been working as a salesman in various companies all related to leisure and digital: hotels, travel, transport, restaurants. He decided to join TheFork in 2017! Passionate about sales, management and human relations, his mission is to make the restaurant owners working with TheFork happy. On a daily basis, he leads a team of account managers and trainers who are the main points of contact for our restaurant partners. Being a fan of good food with his friends, his guilty pleasure is a small burrata with Italian olive oil and one (two?) good glass of red wine! And the next day, a jog to get rid of all of that.

As a teenager, Cédric worked for 5 years (holidays, weekends) in his father's restaurant, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. It is thus quite naturally that he joined TheFork in January 2016 as Lead Developer after 10 years of XP (in PHP) in different structures (,, purchases). With his team, his mission is to create the best reservation management platform for Restaurants. His 2 key values are #BetterTogether, #WeCareAboutCustomer.

Passionate about computer science since he was a child, Emile's career choice was not in doubt. After studying engineering and working in a Parisian web agency, Emile joined TheFork in May 2021 as a full-stack developer. As a lover of Italian cuisine, Emile is evolving in foodtech within the B2B domain of TheFork. His main mission is to build and maintain the TheFork Manager back-office used by restaurants to manage their reservations.

1986, born in Lyon in France, since his young age, Olivier has been fascinated by computer science and internet. To him, they are extraordinary ways of connecting people and allow them to help each other. He was 15 years old when he released his first website providing free computer support to people in need. One year later, he built a galactic game website on which 3000 users played and 2 years later he sold it to focus in his studies. Then, he studied computer science in the city of Grenoble, near ski resorts, and then in Oxford for a year. Finally, he completed his studies in Nancy where he got an engineering diploma from Telecom Nancy school in 2010.He moved to Paris, and in 2012 he joined TheFork / TripAdvisor. He grew at the same speed as the company did, joining as software engineer and being now engineering director at the head of an amazing team that he is really proud of, really. Today, he keeps in mind the mission to help, with his team, restaurant industry to succeed in fully entering the digital world by leveraging the great opportunities coming with internet and computer science.

For more than 15 years, Charlotte has been passionate about the culinary professions she discovered working alongside the greatest chefs. She decided to join the foodtech sector to support restaurants in their digitalization and joined TheFork in 2017 in the sales force team where she will get promoted as senior field sales after a year and then team leader the following year. Her colleagues appreciate her dynamism, enthusiasm and fitness classes, which have become the essential weekly detox event !

Après s'être confronté aux SSII, agences web et à la solitude du freelance, Olivier arrive en 2012 chez The Fork où il y officie dans tous les domaines du SI avant d'accompagner l'installation du bureau Nantais en septembre 2015.

Fin gourmet et toujours à l’affut des dernières tendances culinaires, c’est guidé par sa passion que Luc a rejoint les équipes de The Fork en 2015 en tant que commercial terrain.

Ses qualités humaines et son écoute l’ont mené à un rôle de mentor pour lequel il accompagne désormais les équipes dans leur développement et prend part à l’onboarding des nouvelles recrues.

Parisien pur souche et amateur de bonnes choses, Luc est un vrai guide d’adresses confidentielles et de références en vin nature.

Anouk effectue son stage de fin d’études au sein de l’équipe CRM chez The Fork pour valider son Master en 2016.

Elle rejoint définitivement The Fork l’année suivante pour intégrer l’équipe marketing stratégique international.

Elle anime et coordonne aujourd’hui l’ensemble des responsables marketing des 10 pays pour maximiser la visibilité des restaurants sur le site.


Much more than a booking site, TheFork is a true urban and community gastronomic guide that brings together more than 1000 Forkies!

Leading online restaurant reservation site in Europe, TheFork has been part of the Tripadvisor group since May 2014. They operate and hire in, no less than, 12 countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Argentina, UK, Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway… And 12 countries that share the same Fork, it’s a lot of tables, thousands of good moments to share and wonderful opportunities!

What they are looking for

Behind TheFork, there is a team of many personalities and talents, from salespeople to geeks, from burger fans to cassoulet lovers… with a common goal, to become the leading online restaurant reservation site in the world. 

Web designer, Business analyst, Project Manager, Account Manager… there is something for every taste here.

TheFork team aims to inspire and enable people to confidently discover experience and share food. We operate under a shared set of values that define how we do business and how we interact with our colleagues, our partners, our customers and our food community.

We strongly believe that building a diverse workforce of people from all walks of life helps us have a richer, more vibrant, more successful workplace. #ActLikeAnOwner   #WeReBetterTogether #WeNeverStopLearning #WeLoveOurCustomers #SpeedWins  #WeBelieveInTransparency

Good to know

Be a team player 🎯🏆

  • Board games during lunch break
  • Online Gaming Tournaments
  • Connoisseur clubs: Music, Wine, Rum, (...)
  • Battle of nerves in open space!
  • Participation in charities

Pay attention to your well-being 🙏💆♀

  • Swedish gym online every week!
  • Advantageous sports membership (bike, bootcamp, yoga etc.)
  • Runners team
  • Massage on Friday
  • Daily delivery of fresh and dried fruits

Above all be a foodie 🥑🍕

  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • Breakfasts to celebrate new Forkies and birthdays
  • Afterworks, even in video
  • MasterFork Challenge: Cooking Contest

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