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Seyna is the insurance creation, management and distribution infrastructure of tomorrow's economy. Companies of all sizes, from start-ups to large corporations, use Seyna's software, APIs and services to create insurance, distribute it to their customers and manage contracts

In short, selling and managing insurance should be as easy as using Stripe to collect payments or Shopify to host your e-commerce website. Seyna operates the complex parts, so our clients can focus on their clients. It's a long journey !

  • For insurance brokers (traditional and insurtech), Seyna offers a technical platform and underwriting services, to quickly launch new insurance products and then manage the contracts
  • For companies, we enable the worldwide transition to « embedded-insurance ». Traditionally, I purchase my asset (house, car, lease on an office), but then I have to go somewhere else (an insurance broker) to buy insurance. This model is shifting. Using Seyna, companies can sell insurance to their own clients during the transaction (« would you like some insurance with that? »). Add an extended warranty when selling a computer, a car insurance when selling a car, rent insurance when leasing a house

Seyna is a licensed underwriter - we manage the risk, data, regulatory aspects and capital requirements. We operate in several verticals (rent insurance, bike theft / damage, event cancellations, travel etc…).

We're off to a great start. Our founding team includes experienced leaders from insurance and high growth technology companies. Seyna raised a record 14M€ seed investment from Global Founders Capital, Allianz and La Financière Saint James. Our clients already include large enterprises (Decathlon), fast-growing insurtechs (Garantme) and international distributors (Seetickets).

We have a very ambitious mission with tough problems to work on. It'll only be possible if we have the best possible on our team. Join us !

What they are looking for

Seyna is looking for talented, ambitious and highly professional individuals. Team members at Seyna are not afraid to work hard, knowing that the efforts will secure both the company’s success and their own personal growth. One unique item : at Seyna, being a A-player means hitting your targets AND being a great team member. For example, if you beat your sales targets but don’t have the right attitude, you’ll still be asked to leave the company. All teams are actively recruiting from Product, Engineering, Sales, to Finance and Legal. They’re all growing fast and are looking for go-getters who want to push themselves in a supportive and ambitious environment.

Good to know

At Seyna they’re into:

  • Giving everyone the keys to achieve their professional and personal goals
  • Ownership through equity for every employee
  • After-work events to build common memories and a strong team
  • Company-wide offsites every year

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